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NM7926 : Dyke at Ardmore, Kerrera by Jim Barton
NM7926 : Autumnal Bracken by Anne Burgess
NM7926 : South Kerrera by Anne Burgess
NM7926 : Cliffs south of Cnoc na Faire by Andy Waddington
NM7926 : A rock formation on Kerrera by Walter Baxter
NM7926 : Port Dubh by Colin Chambers
NM7926 : Farmland at Ardmore on Kerrera by Walter Baxter
NM7926 : Basalt pinnacle at Ardmore, Kerrera by David Purchase
NM7926 : Rocky bay south of Ardmore by Andrew Curtis
NM7926 : Track at Ardmore by Jim Barton
NM7926 : Rough pasture south of Ardmore, Kerrera by Colin Park
NM7926 : Track to Ardmore by Anne Burgess
NM7926 : Basalt dyke near Ardmore, Kerrera by Andrew Curtis
NM7926 : Basalt pinnacle and farmhouse below Ardmore by Colin Chambers
NM7926 : Basalt pinnacle below Ardmore House by Colin Chambers
NM7926 : Basalt dyke at Ardmore by Alan Reid

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