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SE6919 : Green barley by Jonathan Billinger
SE7220 : Somewhere over the rapefield by Jonathan Billinger
SE7021 : A walk from Goole #43 by Ian S
SE7021 : Bank House by Christine Johnstone
SE6919 : Greenland Hall Farm by Glyn Drury
SE7021 : Not much swinging in Rawcliffe Bridge by Steve  Fareham
SE7120 : Farm track on Hook Moor by Jonathan Billinger
SE7021 : Canalside, Croda Chemicals site by Christine Johnstone
SE7019 : Moor Road and Top House by Jonathan Thacker
SE6919 : Private Road to Greenland Hall farm by Steve  Fareham
SE7218 : Reflooded Peat Workings on Rawcliffe Moor by Glyn Drury
SE7119 : Creykes railway crossing ahead by Steve  Fareham
SE6920 : Drain beside lane by Jonathan Billinger
SE7021 : Pumping House by John Collett
SE7119 : Fields alongside the Railway by Glyn Drury
SE7118 : Track to Rawcliffe Moors by Simon Huguet
SE7021 : The Aire and Calder Navigation, Rawcliffe Bridge by Christine Johnstone
SE7121 : Looking towards Decoy Farm by Jonathan Thacker
SE7019 : Near Top House Farm by Martin Loader
SE7021 : Rawcliffe Bridge Marina by Steve  Fareham
SE7119 : Farmland near Hookmoor Farm by JThomas
SE7120 : Hookmoor level crossing by Jonathan Billinger
SE7022 : Rawcliffe Pastures by Jonathan Thacker
SE7022 : A walk from Goole #36 by Ian S
SE7021 : Canal moorings by Steve  Fareham
SE7119 : The road near Creykes Crossing by Martin Loader
SE7121 : Swans by John Collett
SE6920 : Plumtree Farm from the canal by John Slater
SE7218 : View towards the woodland on the edge of Rawcliffe Moors by Jonathan Thacker
SE6919 : Track to Greenland Hall by JThomas
SE7220 : Farmland south of Dutch River by JThomas
SE7022 : South Pastures Farm, Rawcliffe by Paul Glazzard
SE6919 : View towards Greenland Hall Farm by Jonathan Thacker
SE7020 : Rawcliffe Bridge Entrance Sign by Jonathan Clitheroe
SE7121 : I've got my eye on you, mate by Jonathan Thacker
SE7218 : Re-flooded peat workings by christine wilmot
SE7118 : Farm buildings near Creyke's Crossing by JThomas
SE7121 : A walk from Goole #46 by Ian S
SE7121 : Pumping station northwest of Decoy Farm by John Slater
SE7220 : Field of rape by Jonathan Billinger
SE7022 : M62 eastbound by Glyn Drury
SE7121 : Towpath gate, Aire & Calder Navigation by Christine Johnstone
SE7020 : North side of Moor Road by Christine Johnstone
SE7120 : Drain on Hook Moor by Jonathan Billinger
SE7018 : Farmland near Priory Farm by JThomas
SE7021 : Tanker wharf, Croda Chemicals, Rawcliffe Bridge by Christine Johnstone
SE6921 : What a turkey by Steve  Fareham
SE7118 : Creykes Crossing by Glyn Drury
SE6920 : Spring Cottages by bernard bradley
SE7118 : Creykes Crossing by Martin Loader
SE7021 : Marina at Rawcliffe Bridge by Martyn Whiteley
SE6921 : Rawcliffe Bridge Nr Goole,Rawcliffe Bridge Hotel by Gordon Kneale Brooke
SE7021 : Rawcliffe Bridge Near Goole, Black Horse Public House by Gordon Kneale Brooke
SE7021 : Sheep by John Collett
SE7021 : The Aire and Calder Navigation and Rawcliffe Bridge Marina by Glyn Drury
SE6921 : Rawcliffe Bridge, Oil Pipeline Marker by Gordon Kneale Brooke

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