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SO4714 : Junction and bend in the road, near Redhouse Farm, Rockfield by Ruth Sharville
SO4714 : Towards Whitehall Farm near Rockfield by Jaggery
SO4713 : Small footbridge in Whitehill Wood by Jonathan Billinger
SO4713 : Offa's Dyke Path in Whitehill Wood by Philip Halling
SO4714 : The B4233 Rockfileld Rock by Philip Halling
SO4714 : West along the B4233 towards Hendre, Monmouthshire by Jaggery
SO4714 : Hairpin bend at Rockfield by Philip Halling
SO4713 : Whitehill Wood by Chris Heaton
SO4714 : Monmouthshire farmland by Philip Halling
SO4714 : Rural Monmouthshire in late March 2017 by Jaggery
SO4714 : East along the B4233 towards Rockfield, Monmouthshire by Jaggery
SO4713 : Offa's Dyke Fingerpost in King's Wood by Chris Heaton
SO4714 : More red soil by Jonathan Billinger
SO4714 : Red soil of Monmouthshire by Jonathan Billinger
SO4714 : Sheep in pasture by Jonathan Billinger
SO4815 : Slow at the northern approach to Rockfield by Jaggery
SO4815 : Old Mill Lane by Jonathan Billinger
SO4815 : Ploughed field to the north of Rockfield by Philip Halling
SO4714 : Farmland near the Monnow valley by Philip Halling
SO4714 : Field being ploughed near Steps Farm by Philip Halling
SO4815 : B4347 to Newcastle, Monmouthshire by Jonathan Billinger
SO4815 : B4347 at Old Mill Lodge, with hot air balloon landing by Colin Pyle

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