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NS7362 : Hagmill Road on a grey day by Elliott Simpson
NS7362 : The A8 at Shawhead by M J Richardson
NS7362 : Field between Bellshill and Coatbridge by Mike Pennington
NS7362 : Centrum Office Block, Coatbridge by Chris Upson
NS7362 : Junction 7 of the M8 at Shawhead by Mike Pennington
NS7362 : A8 westbound by Alex McGregor
NS7362 : A8 westbound at Coatbridge by Mike Pennington
NS7362 : North Road (A725) Coatbridge by David Dixon
NS7362 : Football pitch, Shawhead by Richard Webb
NS7362 : A8 eastbound at exit to A725 by Colin Pyle
NS7362 : A725 junction with A8 by Alex McGregor
NS7362 : M8 Interlink Estate, Coatbridge by Stephen Sweeney
NS7362 : A8 between Coatbridge and Bellshill by G Laird

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