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NY5113 : View up Swindale by Nigel Brown
NY5113 : New Bridge, Swindale by Michael Graham
NY5316 : A Rosgill moggie by Karl and Ali
NY5113 : Stepping Stones, Truss Gap by Michael Graham
NY5214 : Filter House by Swindale Beck by Colin Kinnear
NY5416 : The view across the field towards the cement works by Ian Greig
NY5214 : View up Swindale from Tailbert by Don Burgess
NY5215 : Track across Rosgill Moor by Tom Richardson
NY5214 : Swaledale lambs by Swindale Lane by Karl and Ali
NY5214 : Swindale Beck by Trevor Littlewood
NY5416 : Field  footpath  toward  Rosgill by Martin Dawes
NY5215 : Hydro road over Swindale Beck by Trevor Littlewood
NY5113 : The lane to Swindale Head by David Purchase
NY5316 : Sheltering chickens at Rosgill by Karl and Ali
NY5416 : Croft House Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY5113 : Quiet Swindale by Michael Graham
NY5316 : Back road to Bampton by Nigel Brown
NY5316 : Goodcroft by Nigel Homer
NY5113 : New Bridge, Swindale by Michael Graham
NY5315 : Parish Crag Bridge by Nigel Homer
NY5416 : Croft House and Quarry by David Brown
NY5316 : The footpath to Hegdale and Bampton Grange by Karl and Ali
NY5215 : Road to Swindale by Mick Garratt
NY5214 : The Filter House by Nigel Brown
NY5315 : Air Valve, Near Tailbert Gill by Mick Garratt
NY5114 : Reservoir, Harper Hills by Michael Graham
NY5316 : Sheep grazing near Rosgill by Karl and Ali
NY5416 : The start of Crag Lane by Nigel Brown
NY5316 : Bridge over the Lowther - Rosgill by mauldy
NY5114 : Sheep Rosgill Moor by Michael Graham
NY5316 : Access land near to Rawhead by Trevor Littlewood
NY5316 : Stile and signpost on the Coast-to-Coast path by Nigel Brown
NY5315 : Falling Barn on Wainwright's Coast to Coast long distance path by Phil Catterall
NY5113 : Footbridge over Swindale Beck by David Brown
NY5113 : Boulder, Long Rigg by Mick Garratt
NY5416 : A Shap Granite Limekiln. by John Holmes
NY5315 : Tailbert Gill by David Brown
NY5214 : Bridleway Through The Bracken by Rude Health
NY5215 : Heading for Swindale by Nigel Brown
NY5316 : Rosgill by David Brown
NY5113 : Dam on Swindale Beck near Truss Gap by Karl and Ali
NY5417 : Barn below Wilson Scar by David Brown
NY5416 : Lake District scene near Rosgill, between Shap and Bampton by Ben Brooksbank
NY5315 : Earthworks by Nigel Homer
NY5316 : River bridge west of Rosgill by Nigel Brown
NY5214 : The Filter House, Swindale Lane by Karl and Ali
NY5316 : Streetscene  Rosgill by Martin Dawes
NY5113 : Swindale Beck by Michael Graham
NY5214 : Have you seen ...... ? by Karl and Ali
NY5215 : Road junction with sheep on Rosgill Moor by Nigel Brown
NY5316 : Rosgill Hall. by Steve Partridge
NY5214 : Swindale by Richard Webb
NY5214 : Old farm buildings at Tailbert Head by Don Burgess
NY5114 : South from Rosgill Moor by Keith Wright

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