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SE3510 : Grassland bounded on two sides by footpath by Christine Johnstone
SE3610 : Church Street - viewed from Carlton Road by Betty Longbottom
SE3613 : Railway Line to Walton from Royston by John Fielding
SE3512 : A path leading to Royston by Ian S
SE3709 : Stop sign for railway by Steve  Fareham
SE3511 : General Store in Royston by Jonathan Clitheroe
SE3311 : Fore! by Steve  Fareham
SE3312 : Gate to farmland Woolley by Steve  Fareham
SE3610 : Carlton Parish Hall - Church Street by Betty Longbottom
SE3312 : Keeper Lane to the A61 by John Fielding
SE3709 : Looking up the hill by Steve  Fareham
SE3611 : The Green - High Street by Betty Longbottom
SE3711 : South Hiendley in late autumn by Bobby Clegg
SE3610 : Lynwood Drive - viewed from Peterfoot Way by Betty Longbottom
SE3612 : Notton & Royston railway station (site), Yorkshire by Nigel Thompson
SE3311 : The very overgrown Spring Lane, boundary between Barnsley [right] and Wakefield [left] by Christine Johnstone
SE3611 : Houses on Park View by Christine Johnstone
SE3513 : The earth moves at Monckton Manor by Christine Johnstone
SE3511 : Bus stops on High Street by Christine Johnstone
SE3713 : Benchmark on a stone post beside Ten Lands Lane by John Slater
SE3613 : The Trans Pennine Trail at High Bridge by Ian S
SE3313 : Jogger heading north on the A61, Barnsley Road by Christine Johnstone
SE3611 : Warren Walk, Royston by Ian S
SE3310 : Ploughed field beyond Limes Close by Christine Johnstone
SE3409 : Athersley Leisure Centre by Roger May
SE3711 : The Royston Railway Sports Club, Royston by Ian S
SE3712 : The Barnsley Canal near Royston by Jonathan Clitheroe
SE3511 : Ashley Croft - Buckingham Way by Betty Longbottom
SE3312 : Track towards Notton Wood from Keeper Lane by John Slater
SE3610 : Woodroyd Avenue - Wood Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE3311 : Farmland off Warren Lane by JThomas
SE3613 : Railway running north from Notton Bridge by JThomas
SE3712 : Monckton Coking Plant, Royston (2) by Bobby Clegg
SE3710 : Barnsley Canal near Carlton by Martin Clark
SE3410 : Farmland off Lee Lane by JThomas
SE3610 : Lynwood Drive - Woodroyd Avenue by Betty Longbottom
SE3611 : North Close - Kirkfield Way by Betty Longbottom
SE3610 : Vestigial winter hedgerow by Christine Johnstone
SE3512 : Path and Former Railway Line near Windmill Hill by Jonathan Clitheroe
SE3709 : Footpath under the railway near Carlton Marsh by John Slater
SE3412 : George Lane's junction with Keeper Lane, Notton by Neil Theasby
SE3309 : China Court Restaurant by JThomas
SE3611 : Footpath - Ruston Drive by Betty Longbottom
SE3410 : Heading towards Royston by Christine Johnstone
SE3712 : Monckton Coke and Chemical plant, Royston No.3 by Bobby Clegg
SE3610 : Briggs Street - Crookes Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE3711 : Beside the Royston Canal the Monckton Coke works looms beyond by Chris Morgan
SE3609 : Barnsley Ambulance centre by Steve  Fareham
SE3713 : A path leading to Ryhill by Ian S
SE3511 : Summer View, off High Street, Royston by Christine Johnstone
SE3609 : Marks and Spencer food distribution warehouse by Steve  Fareham
SE3712 : Monckton Coke Plant by Michael Patterson
SE3611 : The Oriel Window - Royston Parish Church by P Neville
SE3711 : Monckton Colliery site by Alan Murray-Rust
SE3711 : Royston & Notton Station, with train by Ben Brooksbank
SE3712 : Monckton Coking Plant by Alan Murray-Rust

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