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NY5344 : Pastures, Ainstable by Andrew Smith
NY5343 : Green fields near Highfield Farm by Bill Boaden
NY5343 : Inscribed stone near Cross House by Bill Boaden
NY5343 : Footpath to Dale by Bill Boaden
NY5344 : Ruckcroft by wfmillar
NY5344 : Standing water at Ruckcroft by Bill Boaden
NY5344 : Crown House, Ruckcroft by Oliver Dixon
NY5343 : Parkland below Redgill Plantation by Oliver Dixon
NY5343 : Field below Cross House Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY5344 : Bridleway to Dale by Bill Boaden
NY5343 : Eden Valley fields by Bill Boaden
NY5343 : Well in field by David Brown
NY5344 : Ruckcroft by wfmillar
NY5343 : Farmland, Ainstable by Andrew Smith
NY5344 : Ruckcroft by wfmillar
NY5344 : Wayside bench, Ruckcroft by Oliver Dixon
NY5344 : Ruckcroft Hill by David Brown
NY5343 : Sanctuary Pillar near Cross House, Ainstable by harry hawkins
NY5344 : High Farm by John Illingworth
NY5343 : Farmland near Staffield by Stephen Richards
NY5344 : Rose Farm by John Illingworth
NY5344 : House at Ruckcroft by Oliver Dixon
NY5344 : Sheep-grazing land near Ruckcroft by Bill Boaden
NY5343 : Red soil by wfmillar

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