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SW8970 : Ford at St Ervan by John Walton
SW9070 : Barley Field and Wood by Tony Atkin
SW9069 : St. Ervan: fields of Bogee Farm by Chris Downer
SW8970 : Rumford entrance sign by Alex McGregor
SW8969 : Country lane at Trevengenow by Ron Strutt
SW9070 : A Bend in the Road by Tony Atkin
SW8970 : Crossroads north of Rumford by Philip Halling
SW9069 : Lone cedar near Bogee farm by David Hawgood
SW8970 : Methodist church, Rumford by Alex McGregor
SW8970 : St Ervan village hall by David Hawgood
SW9069 : St. Ervan: detail of an icy, muddy puddle by Chris Downer
SW9069 : The B3274 near Bogee Farm by David Gearing
SW8970 : St Ervan church by Philip Halling
SW8971 : Farmland to the east of former St Merryn airfield by Philip Halling
SW8969 : Dolgey Post by Philip Halling
SW8970 : St Ervan church by David Hawgood
SW8969 : Wind turbines from Dolgey Post by Alex McGregor
SW8971 : From Barley Field to Farm by Tony Atkin
SW8969 : Potato field, Dolgey Post by Alex McGregor
SW8970 : House by the Crossroads by Tony Atkin

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