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SX0066 : Rough track and footpath by Jonathan Billinger
SX0166 : Commer Q4 truck by Jonathan Billinger
SX0166 : Road Junction by the bridge by roger geach
SX0166 : Ruthernbridge Ford by John Walton
SX0166 : Postbox at Ruthernbridge, Cornwall by Terry McKenna
SX0066 : Road to St Beock Downs by Jonathan Billinger
SX0166 : Pylons on Mulberry Downs by Sheila Russell
SX0166 : Ford At Withielgoose Mills by John Walton
SX0066 : Ford at Lawellen by John Walton
SX0166 : Signpost by the bridge by roger geach
SX0166 : Down the hill towards Ruthernbridge by roger geach

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