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SD2495 : Ruin Under White Pike by Michael Graham
SD2498 : Sheepfold, Tarn Beck by Michael Graham
SD2296 : Wallowbarrow Crag by Michael Graham
SD2296 : Large boulders in River Duddon by Andy Deacon
SD2296 : Holy Trinity Church, Seathwaite, Font by Alexander P Kapp
SD2498 : The view south west by Ian Greig
SD2498 : Foss How by Ian Greig
SD2199 : The trig point on Harter Fell by David Purchase
SD2495 : Quarry, Walna Scar by Michael Graham
SD2494 : Natty Bridge Panorama by Andy Deacon
SD2298 : What are you doing in there? by Karl and Ali
SD2397 : Parking at High Tongue, Cumbria by Peter Trimming
SD2098 : Heading for the top of Green Crag by Karl and Ali
SD2396 : Bridge over Quarry Gutter by Rob Noble
SD2199 : On Harter Fell by Michael Graham
SD2398 : Duddon Valley at Troutal by Rob Noble
SD2395 : On Green Pikes by Michael Graham
SD2495 : White Pike by David Williams
SD2296 : Rock climbers at the top of Wallowbarrow Crag, Duddon Valley by Karl and Ali
SD2497 : Seathwaite Tarn access road by Tom Richardson
SD2494 : River Lickle in Autumn by Andy Deacon
SD2199 : Looking up at Harter Fell by Peter S
SD2297 : View Towards Long Crag, Seathwaite by Peter Trimming
SD2497 : Looking down to Sunny Pike by Peter Barr
SD2494 : Leaving the Forest by Michael Graham
SD2395 : Descending to Seathwaite from Green Pikes by David Purchase
SD2098 : Slopes of Green Crag by David Gruar
SD2396 : Towards Harter Fell by Paul Glover
SD2495 : Yaud Mire and White Maiden by Tom Richardson
SD2495 : Ruined building by David Brown
SD2296 : Tucking in at High Wallowbarrow by Karl and Ali
SD2498 : The path to Seathwaite Tarn by Ian Greig
SD2098 : Summit Cairn, Green Crag by Michael Graham
SD2296 : Tarn Beck just before it joins the Duddon by Andrew Hill
SD2496 : Herdwicks on the track to Seathwaite Tarn by Karl and Ali
SD2494 : Rocks below Natty Bridge by Andy Deacon
SD2098 : Herdwick sheep grazing on Ulpha Fell by Karl and Ali
SD2398 : Ruins at Troutal, Cumbria by Peter Trimming
SD2397 : View From the Road at High Tongue by Peter Trimming
SD2296 : River Duddon in Wallowbarrow Gorge by Rob Noble
SD2397 : Sheepfold above Tarn beck by Michael Graham
SD2496 : Old quarry building with the Scafells in the distance by Richard Swales
SD2199 : The trig point on Harter Fell (649m) by Karl and Ali
SD2397 : Summit of High Tongue by Andrew Hill
SD2098 : Long Crag on Ulpha Fell by David Brown
SD2296 : Low Crag above Wallowbarrow Farm by Andrew Hill
SD2098 : Fold under Long Crag by Michael Graham
SD2298 : Pony in a purple coat, Grassguards by Karl and Ali
SD2498 : Seathwaite Tarn by Michael Graham
SD2498 : Dam of Seathwaite Reservoir by Trevor Littlewood
SD2297 : Stepping Stones, River Duddon by Michael Graham
SD2297 : A farm road near Grassguards,  Duddon Valley by Noel Coward
SD2396 : Hollin House by Andrew Hill
SD2296 : Duddon stepping stones by Andrew Hill
SD2297 : Dwarf birch trees (Betula nana) by Graham Cole
SD2498 : Tarn Beck by mauldy
SD2297 : Stepping Stones Across the River Duddon by Mick Garratt
SD2397 : Looking from High Tongue to Wallowbarrow Gorge by Andrew Hill

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