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SP6436 : Shalstone church by Andrew Smith
SP6437 : Welsh Lane approaching Cow Pond Copse by David Smith
SP6436 : The south west part of the churchyard, Shalstone by Jonathan Thacker
SP6337 : The Westbury Circular Ride alongside Evershaw Copse by Jonathan Thacker
SP6536 : Welsh Lane, near the Boycotts by Rob Farrow
SP6435 : Road up to Hill Farm by Shaun Ferguson
SP6536 : Fields & Gate off Welsh Lane by Rob Farrow
SP6337 : Westbury Circular Ride by Duncan Lilly
SP6437 : Farm Road North of Shalstone by Ian Rob
SP6436 : Poppies in the field by Shaun Ferguson
SP6336 : Entrance to Shalstone Grounds Farm by Duncan Lilly
SP6437 : Fields looking down to Shalstone by Shaun Ferguson
SP6436 : A422 approaches Bear Bridge by Stuart Logan
SP6437 : Main Street north of Shalstone by Robin Webster
SP6536 : Water Stratford Woods by Philip Jeffrey
SP6336 : Sunset over fields near Shalstone Grounds Farm by Duncan Lilly
SP6536 : Welsh Lane Farm and day nursery by David Smith
SP6337 : Evershaw Copse from the Westbury Circular Ride by Duncan Lilly
SP6536 : Sign for footpath, Welsh Lane to Shalstone by David Smith
SP6436 : Shalstone House by Jonathan Thacker
SP6336 : Dunn & Sons, Garden Machinery by Duncan Lilly
SP6336 : Junction for Finmere and Mixbury by John Firth
SP6437 : Grassland between New Copse and Evershaw Copse by Jonathan Thacker
SP6337 : Bridge on Westbury Circular Way by Duncan Lilly
SP6536 : Welsh Lane by Welsh Lane Farm by Philip Jeffrey
SP6436 : Through the keyhole by Jonathan Thacker
SP6436 : St Edward the Confessor's, Shalstone by Andrew Smith
SP6536 : Sheep grazing by Welsh Lane by Philip Jeffrey
SP6436 : Shalstone Church by Ian Rob
SP6336 : Un-named lane junction with A422 by Stuart Logan
SP6436 : Shalstone church by Robin Webster
SP6437 : Cow Pond Copse by Philip Jeffrey
SP6437 : Ten Lands Copse by Philip Jeffrey

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