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TL6144 : High Street, Shudy Camps by Keith Edkins
TL6044 : Isolated tree by Hugh Venables
TL6144 : Footpath by Keith Evans
TL6044 : River Granta by Robin Webster
TL6144 : Former lodge and gates, Shudy Camps Park by Robin Webster
TL6044 : Dump on an abandoned railroad by Michael Chamberlain
TL6144 : Cottage opposite the footpath by Michael Chamberlain
TL6044 : T-junction and ditch by Hugh Venables
TL6044 : Main Street leaving Shudy Camps by Hugh Venables
TL6144 : Village Sign by Keith Evans
TL6144 : Thatched Cottage by Keith Evans
TL6044 : Road Junction by Keith Evans
TL6044 : Skyline tree by Keith Edkins
TL6144 : A view of Carters Farm on Main Street by Robert Edwards
TL6044 : Gap in railway embankment by Hugh Venables
TL6144 : Shudy Camps by Hugh Venables
TL6044 : Oil pipeline marker by Keith Edkins
TL6144 : Peek-a-boo! by Keith Edkins
TL6144 : Arable land by Shudy Camps by Hugh Venables
TL6144 : Carsey Hill by Keith Evans
TL6144 : House And Gates by Keith Evans
TL6144 : Main Street, Shudy Camps by Robin Webster

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