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SE9564 : Wood Dale by Jonathan Thacker
SE9366 : Farmland, Croome Wold by JThomas
SE9665 : St Mary's Church, Cowlam by Christopher Hall
SE9463 : Farmland East of Avenue Farm by JThomas
SE9362 : Farm Track near Life Hill by JThomas
SE9364 : Ready for action by Ian S
SE9663 : Cinquefoil Brow by JThomas
SE9366 : Minor Road Towards Helperthorpe by JThomas
SE9566 : Collingwood Trig Point by Siobhan Brennan-Raymond
SE9364 : The burial slab of Sir Tatton Sykes II (1826 - 1913) by Jonathan Thacker
SE9565 : Farmland near Collingwood by JThomas
SE9665 : The  Church  at  Church  Farm by Martin Dawes
SE9364 : Village butcher, Sledmere by Pauline E
SE9764 : Wolds near Cottam and Cowlam by Dr Patty McAlpin
SE9264 : The Wolds Waggoners Memorial, Sledmere, about 1937 by Alfred Thomson
SE9466 : Edge of Croome Dale Plantation by JThomas
SE9364 : View from the summerhouse, Sledmere walled garden by Pauline E
SE9462 : Track to  Avenue  Farm by JThomas
SE9366 : Estate Cottages near Croome Farm by Charles Rispin
SE9463 : B1252 From Sledmere by Stephen Horncastle
SE9563 : The bottom end of Wood Dale by Jonathan Thacker
SE9664 : Wind turbines at Low Cowlam by Jonathan Thacker
SE9366 : Croome Farm north of Sledmere by Ian S
SE9265 : Plantation off Kirby Lane by Jonathan Thacker
SE9665 : St Mary's Church, Cowlam by Ian S
SE9462 : Track alongside Ling Walk by Jonathan Thacker
SE9465 : Cherry Wood by Stephen Horncastle
SE9264 : Eleanor Cross at Sledmere in July 1957 by Neil Theasby
SE9462 : Wheatfield and belt of trees west of Ling Walk by Jonathan Thacker
SE9264 : The Wolds Wagoners Memorial by Maigheach-gheal
SE9263 : School House Dale by Jonathan Thacker
SE9465 : Track Through Cherry Wood by Stephen Horncastle
SE9664 : Low Cowlam Farm by Ian S
SE9364 : The B1252 at Sledmere by Ian S
SE9263 : Mill Lane by JThomas
SE9463 : Tree by B1252 at edge of Avenue Wood by David Smith
SE9164 : Potato field near Mill Farm by Jonathan Thacker
SE9665 : Track  in  the  bottom  of  Cowlam  Well  Dale by Martin Dawes
SE9364 : Waiting for the first walkers/runners by Ian S
SE9764 : Bridleway towards Cottam by JThomas
SE9364 : St Mary's Church, Sledmere by Ian S
SE9562 : Ordnance Survey  Flush Bracket G4563 by Peter Wood
SE9364 : Inside the walled garden, Sledmere estate by Pauline E
SE9264 : Detail of the Waggoners Memorial Sledmere by N T Stobbs
SE9764 : Large concrete blocks in Cottam Well Dale by Neil Oakes
SE9263 : A  very  clear  field  footpath by Martin Dawes
SE9464 : Waiting for the first walkers at Limekiln Hill by Ian S
SE9665 : St Mary's Cowlam by Gordon Hatton
SE9466 : Farm buildings at Croome Wold by Ian S
SE9463 : Bales in front of Avenue Wood from B1252 by Charles Rispin
SE9364 : Sledmere Fire Station (disused) by Trevor Fowler
SE9264 : Fake Eleanor Cross by Stuart and Fiona Jackson
SE9364 : Memorial Tablet to Sir Mark Sykes Bt in Sledmere House Chapel by Neil Oakes
SE9364 : Capped well with rotunda by Pauline E
SE9364 : The Triton Inn, Sledmere by Maigheach-gheal
SE9364 : Sledmere House and parterre by Paul Harrop
SE9665 : Site of the lost village of Cowlam by Ian Lavender

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