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NY3841 : Farmland and track east of Sebergham by David Purchase
NY3740 : Minor road near Kellsprings by David Purchase
NY3740 : B5305 south of Sour Nook by Colin Pyle
NY3841 : Cockley Beck by Bob Jenkins
NY3740 : Castle Sowerby Chapel, Sour Nook by Alexander P Kapp
NY3840 : Ditching by Bob Jenkins
NY3841 : Track across pasture, Castle Sowerby by Andrew Smith
NY3840 : Driveway to Ratten Castle Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY3840 : Hedge and farm track near Roe Foot Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY3841 : Field near Cockleygill Bridge by Oliver Dixon
NY3841 : Field of barley by Oliver Dixon

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