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NN0931 : Summit cairn, Sron an Isean by Tim Glover
NN0931 : Looking Northeast from the summit of Sròn an Isean 964m by Iain Lees
NN0931 : Water intake below Stob Diamh by Klaas van der Veen
NN0932 : Drainage system for Cruachan Reservoir nr Lairig Noe by Malcolm Wylie
NN0931 : Boggy pool, Sròn an Isean by Iain Lees
NN0831 : Drochaid Ghlas by wfmillar
NN0931 : On the Bealach of Sròn an Isean by Iain Lees
NN0831 : Slabs and boulder strewn slope north of Drochaid Ghlas by Klaas van der Veen
NN0831 : Corrie beneath Drochaid Galas by Richard Webb
NN0931 : Coire Lochain by Iain Lees
NN0931 : Sròn an Isean and Stob Daimh by Richard Webb
NN0931 : North ridge of Sron an Isean by wrobison
NN0931 : the summit of Sron an Isean by bill copland

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