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ST7770 : St Catherine's Church by Roger Cornfoot
ST7770 : St Catherine's church by Neil Owen
ST7671 : St Catherine's valley, from Beek's Lane by Roger Cornfoot
ST7770 : 2009 : The alpaca family near St. Catherine's Court by Maurice Pullin
ST7770 : Grazing cattle, St Catherine by Maigheach-gheal
ST7669 : Teasels in the sun by Neil Owen
ST7771 : 2010 : View from Ayford Lane by Maurice Pullin
ST7870 : Oakford Lane, 3 by Jonathan Billinger
ST7670 : Perimeter track of Charmy Down airfield (disused) by Dr Duncan Pepper
ST7670 : St Catherine's Brook valley by don cload
ST7669 : 2008 : Charmy Down by Maurice Pullin
ST7770 : A small window in St Catherine's by Neil Owen
ST7670 : Left out in the field by Neil Owen
ST7770 : Path to the valley by Neil Owen
ST7770 : 2009 : Is this St. Catherine's Court? by Maurice Pullin
ST7671 : 2010 : Tractor at work off Beek's Lane by Maurice Pullin
ST7669 : Minding how you go by Neil Owen
ST7871 : 2008 : Looking toward Motcombe Farm by Maurice Pullin
ST7769 : 2008 : Track to Charmy Down by Maurice Pullin
ST7769 : 2008 : Track on Holts Down by Maurice Pullin
ST7871 : Ashwicke Road by Jonathan Billinger
ST7771 : Halldoor Lane and Ayford Lane by Virginia Knight
ST7770 : 2009 : Lane through St.Catherine's Valley by Maurice Pullin
ST7770 : Fewells and Dicknick Woods by Neil Owen
ST7669 : Scarlet sentry by Neil Owen
ST7670 : The Hermitage by Roger Cornfoot
ST7769 : Vehicle barrier on Holts Down Byway by James Ayres
ST7771 : Nailey Farm, from Ayford Lane by Roger Cornfoot
ST7871 : 2008 : South from Ashwicke Road by Maurice Pullin
ST7669 : The steep edge of Cherrywell Wood by Virginia Knight
ST7769 : Byway adjoining Downedge by Virginia Knight
ST7771 : Halldoor Lane by don cload
ST7669 : Old airfield building and fence, Charmy Down by Brian Robert Marshall
ST7870 : Oakford Lane, 1 by Jonathan Billinger
ST7871 : West Drive to Ashwicke Hall by Jonathan Billinger
ST7670 : Following an old line by Neil Owen
ST7670 : 2009 : Leigh Lane in the rain by Maurice Pullin
ST7669 : Poppies by the mast by Neil Owen
ST7870 : Path through Cherry Wood by Jonathan Billinger
ST7770 : St Catherine's Court by Roger Cornfoot
ST7870 : Footpath sign by Jonathan Billinger
ST7669 : Growing a disguise by Neil Owen
ST7769 : 2008 : Air Force camp site, Charmy Down by Maurice Pullin
ST7670 : Edge of the runway by Neil Owen
ST7671 : St Catharine's valley by Roger Cornfoot
ST7671 : 2010 : Into the top end of St.Catherine's Valley by Maurice Pullin
ST7770 : 2009 : St. Catherine's Church by Maurice Pullin
ST7870 : A steep hillside climb up above Motcombe Wood by Dr Duncan Pepper
ST7669 : Pillboxes on Charmy Airfield by Rick Crowley
ST7671 : Ancient farming implement glimpsed from the Limestone Link by Basher Eyre
ST7671 : Long Grass by Sharon Loxton
ST7671 : St Catherine's Valley by Sharon Loxton
ST7671 : Beeks Mill at St Catherines End, near Bath by Rick Crowley
ST7769 : Old airfield building, Charmy Down by Brian Robert Marshall
ST7871 : Ashwicke Grange by Roger Cornfoot

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