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SW9747 : A Fenced Field by Tony Atkin
SW9747 : Minor road junction. by Robert Ashby
SW9646 : Daffodil fields and pickers by David Smith
SW9746 : All Saints church, St Ewe by Dave Kelly
SW9847 : High Hedges by Tony Atkin
SW9746 : St Ewe: scrub trees and marsh north east of Churchtown by Martin Bodman
SW9847 : Barns at Trelean Vean by Tony Atkin
SW9646 : Signpost at junction near Vose farm by David Smith
SW9846 : Lane junction near Trelewack by Derek Harper
SW9747 : House in the Valley by Tony Atkin
SW9847 : Field gate on minor road between Tregenna and Pengrula by David Gearing
SW9746 : Creed: Mayâs or Baileyâs Mill by Martin Bodman
SW9847 : Fingers crossed by Robert Ashby
SW9747 : Fields near Luney Barton by Derek Harper
SW9846 : Finger-post junction near St Ewe by Anthony Parkes
SW9647 : Narrow lane by Robert Ashby
SW9647 : Valley near Trecaine by Tony Atkin
SW9847 : Minor road at Trelean by John Firth
SW9747 : Lane to Hewas Water by Derek Harper
SW9746 : St Ewe by Maurice D Budden
SW9846 : Minor Road Junction in Pasture Land by Tony Atkin
SW9746 : Junction, St Ewe by Derek Harper
SW9847 : Fields by Tony Atkin
SW9647 : Television in a Stream Bed by Tony Atkin
SW9747 : Valley, Trelewack by Derek Harper
SW9747 : Old stone milestone by David Thomas
SW9747 : A tight squeeze by Robert Ashby
SW9746 : Signpost, St Ewe by Derek Harper
SW9647 : Entrance to Tregidgeo Farm by John Firth
SW9846 : Minor road to St Ewe by David Smith
SW9746 : St Ewe Cross  and St Ewe at dusk by Janine Forbes
SW9847 : Lane near Trelewack by Derek Harper
SW9747 : Lane to Trelean by Derek Harper
SW9746 : Signpost, St Ewe by Derek Harper
SW9747 : Junction for Hewas Water by John Firth
SW9846 : Field between the lanes near Trelean by Derek Harper
SW9747 : House on minor road near the spring by John Firth
SW9846 : Croswyn by Derek Harper
SW9746 : The Crown, St Ewe by Derek Harper
SW9746 : The Crown Inn - St. Ewe by Anthony Parkes

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