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SX5151 : Staddiscombe by Tony Atkin
SX5151 : Staddiscombe Woods by Gwyn Jones
SX5151 : Steps and Kissing Gate by jeff collins
SX5151 : Staddiscombe Road,Staddiscombe by jeff collins
SX5151 : Erme-Plym Trail by jeff collins
SX5151 : South Hams : Staddiscombe Scenery by Lewis Clarke
SX5151 : Barns, Staddiscombe by Derek Harper
SX5151 : Goosewell Road by Rod Allday
SX5151 : Approaching Staddiscombe by jeff collins
SX5151 : Footpath No23 by jeff collins
SX5151 : The Staddy by Jonathan Billinger
SX5151 : Near Staddiscombe by Robert Ashby
SX5151 : Terracettes, Staddiscombe by Derek Harper
SX5151 : Track junction, Staddiscombe by Derek Harper

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