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SJ9698 : Stalybridge:  Holy Trinity and Christ Church by Dr Neil Clifton
SJ9696 : Rising Moon by Gerald England
SJ9897 : Shawmoor Farm by John Topping
SJ9697 : Hough Hill by Stephen Burton
SJ9698 : Installing a new signal gantry by John M
SJ9799 : Heyrod Village Store by Anthony Parkes
SJ9698 : Huddersfield Narrow Canal by Gerald England
SJ9798 : St Paul's, Stalybridge by Gerald England
SJ9598 : Benchmark on the milestone on Tame Aqueduct by John Slater
SJ9698 : River Tame by Gerald England
SJ9598 : Stalybridge Railway Station by JThomas
SJ9896 : Mottram Cutting by Paul Anderson
SJ9898 : Farmland, Flaxfield by John Topping
SJ9898 : The trig point on Wildbank Hill by Bill Boaden
SJ9798 : Hawke Street, Stalybridge by John Topping
SJ9598 : Sports centre West Hill School Stalybridge by Richard Hoare
SJ9698 : The Co-operative Pharmacy by John Topping
SJ9799 : Huddersfield Road, Millbrook by Gerald England
SJ9796 : Woodend Lane by Peter Whatley
SJ9699 : Ridge Hill Lane by Gerald England
SJ9698 : Five ton hoist post by Michael John Lillie
SJ9796 : Path leading to Godley Brook, Shawhall by John Topping
SJ9799 : Millbrook, Stalybridge by Martin Clark
SJ9696 : Victoria Street, Newton, Hyde by John Topping
SJ9898 : The Butts by Gordon Davidson
SJ9799 : Stalybridge Country Park by Gerald England
SJ9896 : Panorama From Dewsnap Lane by Peter Whatley
SJ9796 : Wrigley Fold Farm by Peter McDermott
SJ9798 : Stocks Lane, Stalybridge by David Dixon
SJ9698 : The Old Fleece by Gerald England
SJ9696 : The Bay Horse by Stephen Burton
SJ9799 : Huddersfield Narrow Canal near Stalybridge by Chris Wimbush
SJ9798 : Flaxfield Farmland (2) by John Topping
SJ9897 : Sheep Pens and Pylons by John Topping
SJ9598 : Stalybridge Station and Moon. by Howard Selina
SJ9698 : The Old Fleece, Stalybridge by JThomas
SJ9699 : St George's Street by Gerald England
SJ9598 : Chat Massalla and The Feathers by Gerald England
SJ9799 : The Commercial at Millbrook by David Dixon
SJ9797 : Footpath from Stalybridge towards Cocker Lane by Chris Wimbush
SJ9897 : Ivy Cottage, Shaw Moor by John Topping
SJ9698 : Stalybridge : Victoria Bridge by Ken Bagnall
SJ9598 : Stamford Park by Gerald England
SJ9696 : The Bay Horse has bolted by Gerald England
SJ9698 : Wakefield Road (A635), Stalybridge by David Dixon
SJ9898 : Footpath Toward Wild Bank by Peter Whatley
SJ9896 : Gallowsclough Road, Matley by John Topping
SJ9798 : Mill Street, Stalybridge by John Topping
SJ9696 : Yew Tree Lane by Stephen Burton
SJ9698 : British Trolleybuses - Ashton-under-Lyne by Alan Murray-Rust
SJ9698 : Huddersfield Canal in Stalybridge by Martin Clark
SJ9598 : Cockbrook, Ashton under Lyne by Martin Clark
SJ9799 : Pylon in the Garden by Paul Anderson
SJ9798 : Copley, Stalybridge by Martin Clark
SJ9698 : John Hargreaves, Tameside Paper Mill, Stalybridge by Chris Allen
SJ9598 : Thompson Cross, Stalybridge by David Dixon
SJ9699 : Ridge Hill, Stalybridge by Martin Clark

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