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SJ2601 : Upper Stockton Farm by John Firth
SJ2701 : The road to Marton by Row17
SJ2601 : Road through Upper Stockton by John Firth
SJ2701 : Roadworks near The Folly by John Firth
SJ2602 : Brown Hedge by J Scott
SJ2601 : Farm at Lower Stockton by John Firth
SJ2501 : Lane from Ackley Farm by Row17
SJ2701 : Track to 'The Cottage' by Row17
SJ2600 : Storm Damage Opposite Gunley Hall by Ian Paterson
SJ2602 : Grid Irons by J Scott
SJ2601 : Main road through Stockton by Row17
SJ2602 : Mud On The Road by J Scott
SJ2500 : Approaching entrance to Llwynyrhedydd by John Firth
SJ2601 : Nice cottage near the Welsh border. by Row17
SJ2602 : Will this rain ever stop by Row17
SJ2500 : Lanes from Llwynyrhedydd & Ackley Farm by Row17
SJ2600 : Double bends near Gunley Hall by John Firth
SJ2500 : Driveway to Llwynyrhedydd by Row17
SJ2500 : Straight road west of Rhyd-y-groes by John Firth
SJ2601 : Gunley by Richard Webb
SJ2500 : View towards Montgomery by Richard Webb
SJ2602 : Lane on Marton Hill by Richard Webb
SJ2600 : Parkland by Gunley Hall by Richard Webb
SJ2600 : Longhorn cattle, Gunley by Richard Webb
SJ2701 : Farmland, Stockton by Richard Webb
SJ2501 : Slopes of Long Mountain by Richard Webb

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