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NZ4155 : North end of Hendon Central Promenade by Oliver Dixon
NZ4156 : Hudson Dock, Sunderland by Alexander P Kapp
NZ3956 : The Cooper Rose by JThomas
NZ3956 : Sunderland Museum and Art Gallery by Robert Graham
NZ4057 : Sunderland Harbour from the Blockyard, 1990 by Martin Routledge
NZ3755 : Beldene Drive, Sunderland by Malc McDonald
NZ3957 : Sunderland old fire station by Kevin Hale
NZ3957 : Bistro 34 by Freethinker
NZ3858 : Remains of a railway viaduct. by Steve  Fareham
NZ4157 : Beach & Buildings - South Pier Sunderland by R J McNaughton
NZ3956 : University of Sunderland Sports Buildings, Chester Road by Iain Lees
NZ3859 : Beechwood Road, Sunderland by Richard Webb
NZ3955 : Lambourne Road, Sunderland by Malc McDonald
NZ4057 : The River Wear from the National Glass Museum by Les Hull
NZ4158 : Roker North lighthouse with yacht. by Steve  Fareham
NZ3758 : Burntland Avenue, Sunderland by Malc McDonald
NZ4057 : The Church of Holy Trinity, Sunderland by Ian S
NZ3957 : Reflections of Monkwearmouth Bridge by Steve  Fareham
NZ3756 : Ewesley Road Methodist Church by Robert Graham
NZ4058 : Mouth of Wear industry by rob bishop
NZ3957 : Outside the Stadium of Light, Sunderland by brian clark
NZ3957 : Monkwearmouth Bridge by Mike Quinn
NZ3957 : Off licence on St Thomas Street by Graham Hogg
NZ3857 : Millfield 2nd railway station (site), Tyne and Wear by Nigel Thompson
NZ4058 : The Constellation Wall on Marine Walk by Steve Daniels
NZ3858 : St Hilda's RC Church, Sunderland by Alexander P Kapp
NZ4059 : The headland below Roker Cliff Park by Oliver Dixon
NZ3956 : Sunderland War Memorial, Burdon Road by David Dixon
NZ4158 : Yacht Passing New South Pier by Mick Garratt
NZ3858 : C2C at the northern end of the Queen Alexandra Bridge by Oliver Dixon
NZ4158 : Roker Pier, Sunderland, 23rd January 2005. by Martin Routledge
NZ4057 : St Peter's Church in Monkwearmouth by Steve Daniels
NZ3959 : Side Cliff Road, SR6 by Mike Quinn
NZ3859 : Old Mill Road, Sunderland by Malc McDonald
NZ3855 : View north along Silksworth Lane by Robert Graham
NZ4057 : Inside a round-house at Sunderland South Dock Locomotive Depot, 1954 by Walter Dendy, deceased
NZ4057 : Sunderland Architecture : The National Glass Centre, Sunderland by Richard West
NZ3858 : Liebherr, Sunderland by Richard Webb
NZ3855 : Ranson Street, Sunderland by Malc McDonald
NZ3756 : Naval Memorial, Bishopwearmouth Cemetery by Peter Wilkinson
NZ3757 : Pallion Retail Park by Roger Smith
NZ4059 : Cliff Park looking towards mouth of Wear by rob bishop
NZ4057 : Glass Museum Sunderland by rob bishop
NZ3959 : Fulwell/Seaburn Crossroads by rob bishop
NZ3759 : Watford Close, Witherwack, Sunderland by Malc McDonald
NZ3857 : Lay by on Deptford Terrace, Sunderland by Malc McDonald
NZ3959 : Seaburn Metro Station, FUlwell, Sunderland, 17th April 2006 by Martin Routledge
NZ4059 : Roker residential care home by rob bishop
NZ3857 : Diamond Hall Pocket Park by Robert Graham
NZ4158 : Roker North Pier lighthouse by Trevor Rickard
NZ3856 : Outpatient Entrance to Sunderland Royal Hospital by Brian Abbott
NZ3857 : SS Manxman at Pallion Engineering, Sunderland by Chris Allen
NZ3957 : Joplings Department Store, John Street, Sunderland, 18th March 2005. by Martin Routledge
NZ3957 : The Badge of Sunderland A.F.C. by Eric Harlow
NZ3756 : Sunderland Crematorium by Brian Abbott
NZ3857 : SS Manxman, Pallion by Chris Allen
NZ4057 : Sunderland South Dock loco shed by roger geach
NZ3956 : Maritime Terrace, Sunderland by Malc McDonald

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