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SE4506 : Barnsley Boundary Walk south of Clayton by John Slater
SE4505 : Railway bridge over Station Road, Thurnscoe by JThomas
SE4606 : Open space in Thurnscoe by Christine Johnstone
SE4405 : Welcome to Thurnscoe. by Steve  Fareham
SE4607 : Farmland south of Church Field Road by JThomas
SE4405 : Houghton Road (B6411) by JThomas
SE4607 : Lodge Farm on Church Field Road by Jonathan Clitheroe
SE4306 : Houses in Vaughan Terrace, Great Houghton by Christine Johnstone
SE4304 : King's Stocks - The path to Billingley by Neil Theasby
SE4407 : Clayton Lane  by JThomas
SE4405 : Grazing off Houghton Road by JThomas
SE4606 : Junction of Roman Street and Briton Street, Thurnscoe by Christine Johnstone
SE4505 : Thurnscoe railway station by Nigel Thompson
SE4304 : Power lines crossing the path to Billingley by Steve  Fareham
SE4707 : Farm track dropping down from Watchley Lane by Christine Johnstone
SE4306 : The south side of Springvale Road, Great Houghton by Christine Johnstone
SE4505 : "The Butchers Arms" in Thurnscoe by Neil Theasby
SE4306 : Welcome to Great Houghton by Neil Theasby
SE4307 : Farmland east of Moor Lane by Christine Johnstone
SE4607 : Leeds that way by Steve  Fareham
SE4506 : Merrill Road, Thurnscoe by JThomas
SE4506 : Houses in Whin Gardens and Merrill Road, Thurnscoe by Christine Johnstone
SE4304 : Billingley barley by Steve  Fareham
SE4307 : Newly erected wind turbines, near Mount Pleasant by Christine Johnstone
SE4505 : Houses on Houghton Road, Thurnscoe by JThomas
SE4405 : "Rob Coats!" - old railway bridge near Thurnscoe by Neil Theasby
SE4407 : Walkers in the rain! by Dave Pickersgill
SE4607 : All Saints Church by John Slater
SE4507 : Clayton in bloom. by Steve  Fareham
SE4405 : Western Edge of Thurnscoe Viewed from Clayton Lane by Jonathan Clitheroe
SE4306 : The Miners Welfare Hall Great Houghton by Steve  Fareham
SE4607 : Church Field Road by JThomas
SE4304 : War memorial at Billingley by John Slater
SE4405 : Bridge under the dismantled railway west of Rectory Lane, Thurnscoe by John Slater
SE4407 : Fumulus cloud from Eggborough power station by Steve  Fareham
SE4306 : Public footpath heading into Great Houghton by Christine Johnstone
SE4506 : Boarded up housing by Steve  Fareham
SE4304 : Anybody for breakfast? by Steve  Fareham
SE4406 : Clayton Lane Kennels by John Slater
SE4304 : Billingley War Memorial by JThomas
SE4304 : Billingley Green Lane by JThomas
SE4306 : Mount Pleasant Farm by John Slater
SE4405 : Path to field by Richard Spencer
SE4607 : The SK looking north towards Moorthorpe by roger geach
SE4406 : Clayton Lane by JThomas
SE4404 : Roundabout and Supermarket on the Outskirts of Goldthorpe by Jonathan Clitheroe
SE4406 : School playing fields, Thurnscoe by JThomas
SE4407 : Welcome to Doncaster. by steven ruffles
SE4707 : Farmland towards Black Plantation by JThomas
SE4304 : Farmland near Billingley by JThomas
SE4505 : Thurnscoe by Richard Spencer
SE4505 : Thurnscoe, Methodist Church by Bill Henderson
SE4607 : Frickley, All Saints Church by Bill Henderson
SE4506 : Gooseacre Primary School, Thurnscoe, Barnsley, South Yorkshire by Robert  Neilson
SE4505 : Railway bridge at Thurnscoe station. by Steve  Fareham
SE4304 : Cat hill roundabout on A635. by Steve  Fareham
SE4406 : Warehouses by Richard Spencer

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