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SO4210 : Farmland near Pen-yr-Heol by Philip Halling
SO4110 : View Northwards Near Tregare Church by Geoff Pick
SO4110 : Tregare church by Philip Halling
SO4010 : Cross Roads - Bryn Gwyn by Mike Hallett
SO4210 : Road from Coed-Cefn to Raglan by Jaggery
SO4110 : Distant view of Tregare by Jonathan Billinger
SO4110 : Tregare church by Philip Halling
SO4010 : Arable field by Jonathan Billinger
SO4209 : View north of The Warrage by Jonathan Billinger
SO4109 : Farm Track by Mike Hallett
SO4109 : Dandelions in flower by Philip Halling
SO4109 : Arable fields and autumn woodland by Jonathan Billinger
SO4209 : Roadside tree opposite a small wood north of Raglan by Jaggery
SO4010 : The Raglan turning at the crossroads west of Tregare by Ruth Sharville
SO4210 : Road to Tregare and Raglan by Jonathan Billinger
SO4110 : St Mary's church, Tregare by Ruth Sharville
SO4209 : Sheep in a field on the north side of Castle View near Raglan by Jaggery
SO4109 : A slice of Monmouthshire farmland by Jonathan Billinger
SO4209 : Country road near Raglan Castle by Philip Halling
SO4010 : Crossroads near Tregare by Philip Halling
SO4210 : View towards Parc-y-Deri Farm by Ruth Sharville
SO4110 : St Mary's church, Tregare, from the adjacent burial ground by Ruth Sharville
SO4210 : Good View Cottage, Coed-Cefn by Jaggery
SO4209 : Warrage - in the mid-distance is Artha and the Skirrid is on the horizon by Mike Hallett
SO4110 : Footpath To Coed-poeth by Geoff Pick
SO4109 : Yellow flowers by Philip Halling
SO4110 : Tregare Church by Mike Hallett
SO4210 : Roadside building rubble, Coed-Cefn by Jaggery
SO4209 : Bare trees in a field  by Philip Halling
SO4210 : Three-road junction, Coed-Cefn by Jaggery
SO4109 : Ripening oilseed rape by Philip Halling
SO4209 : Road to Raglan approaches Castle View by Jaggery
SO4210 : Setaside field with Garway Hill in the distance by Mike Hallett
SO4109 : Bend in the road by Jonathan Billinger
SO4210 : Grazing sheep, Coed-Cefn by Jaggery
SO4210 : Reroofing Coed Cefn Lodge, Coed-Cefn by Jaggery
SO4209 : Northern edge of The Warrage north of Raglan by Jaggery
SO4209 : Northern side of The Warrage near Raglan by Jaggery
SO4210 : Coed Cefn trig by Iain Macaulay

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