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SW8758 : Cornish lane from Coswarth crossing by roger geach
SW8758 : Old road sign by Philip Halling
SW8658 : Tregonning by Philip Halling
SW8758 : Old road sign by Sheila Russell
SW8758 : Road junction and signpost by Philip Halling
SW8758 : Maize field by Derek Harper
SW8658 : Tregonning by Derek Harper
SW8758 : Bridge over unnamed stream west of Luke's Shop by David Smith
SW8758 : Field west of Perrose Farm by Derek Harper
SW8758 : Road west towards Tresillian Barton by David Smith
SW8758 : Cornish lane leading towards Coswarth crossing by roger geach
SW8758 : Lane to White Cross by Derek Harper
SW8758 : Entrance to Tregonning Farm by Philip Halling
SW8758 : Gateway by Derek Harper
SW8758 : Old road sign at junction by David Smith

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