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SW8772 : Tregidier farm and sheep near St Merryn by David Hawgood
SW8773 : President Obama tending his fish pond! by Anthony Parkes
SW8772 : COuntry road passing Tredowner by Philip Halling
SW8773 : Trevear Farm by Anthony Parkes
SW8772 : Field near Tredowner near St Merryn by Philip Halling
SW8773 : St Merryn School by David Hawgood
SW8773 : Veterinary surgery, St Merryn by David Hawgood
SW8773 : Trevear Lane by Anthony Parkes
SW8773 : St Merryn Methodist Church by David Hawgood
SW8773 : St. Merryn School by David Long
SW8773 : Bungalows in St Merryn by David Hawgood
SW8773 : The Farmers Arms, St Merryn by Bill Henderson

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