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SW5929 : Path up Tregonning Hill, Balwest by Rich Tea
SW5929 : Mount's Bay from Tremorvu Camp Site by Mike Davies
SW5929 : Down the steps on Tregonning Hill by Rich Tea
SW5929 : William Cookworthy memorial on Tregonning Hill by Rod Allday
SW5929 : Wheal Grey - engine house by Chris Allen
SW5929 : The Road to Balwest by Raymond Cubberley
SW5929 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Peter Wood
SW5929 : Pool at Tresowes Green by Sheila Russell
SW5929 : The Road to Aston by Raymond Cubberley
SW5929 : Junction of paths, Tregonning Hill by Rich Tea
SW5929 : Road from Ashton to Balwest at Tresoweshill by Peter Wood
SW5929 : Wesleyan Chapel, Balwest by Rich Tea
SW5929 : Engine house at Tresowes Green by Rod Allday
SW5929 : Balwest Parish Church hall by Raymond Cubberley
SW5929 : The road Looking East by Raymond Cubberley
SW5929 : Stable and Trap House, Balwest by Rich Tea
SW5929 : Road at Balwest Methodist Church by Peter Wood

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