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SW6229 : Wheal Vor engine house and chimney by Robin Drayton
SW6129 : Carleen Village Hall by Rod Allday
SW6229 : The farm by Ken Ballinger
SW6129 : Lane to Treworlis Barton by Ian Capper
SW6229 : Postbox beside the road at Pulldown by Rod Allday
SW6129 : The Gate and Wall by Ken Ballinger
SW6229 : Engine house at Ivey's Shaft Pulldown by Rod Allday
SW6229 : Field of buttercups at Wheal Vor by Rod Allday
SW6129 : Trelawney House by Ken Ballinger
SW6229 : Mine track on Carnmeal Downs by Richard Law
SW6129 : Trew by Ian Capper
SW6229 : End of the road by Richard Law
SW6229 : Engine House- Great Wheal Vor (Wheal Metal) by Chris Allen
SW6129 : Lane from Breage to Trew by Richard Law
SW6129 : The southern side of Trew by Richard Law
SW6229 : Barn chapel by Paul Barnett
SW6229 : Shaft at Wheal Metal by Malcolm Kewn
SW6129 : Tremelyon cottage by Ken Ballinger

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