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TL4454 : Thatched cottage, Grantchester Rd by N Chadwick
TL4554 : Former farm track by Given Up
TL4554 : View along Addenbrooke's Road by Given Up
TL4454 : Shell Garage - Trumpington (136.9 per litre) by Given Up
TL4555 : Long Road - the down slope by Given Up
TL4554 : Addenbrooke's access road site by Given Up
TL4555 : Passing Van by Given Up
TL4453 : Junction 11 on M11 by Alpin Stewart
TL4555 : Close up of a busway by Given Up
TL4454 : Blossom and busway by John Sutton
TL4454 : Waitrose car park by Given Up
TL4554 : Farm Track by Given Up
TL4554 : Busway approaching Trumpington stop by Given Up
TL4454 : Reserved for bicycles by Given Up
TL4554 : Trumpington Swift Tower by Tiger
TL4554 : Addenbrooke's Road Bridge by John Sutton
TL4454 : Trumpington: bends in the road at Anstey Hall Farm by John Sutton
TL4454 : Easy cycling conditions by Given Up
TL4555 : Builders yard - Clay Farm development by Given Up
TL4454 : Trumpington Park & Ride by John Salmon
TL4554 : New road bridge across Hobson's Brook by Given Up
TL4555 : View from Long Road bridge by Given Up
TL4454 : New builds - Trumpington Meadows by Given Up
TL4554 : A mixture of styles - Shelford Road by Given Up
TL4555 : Testing my GPS in the woods by Given Up
TL4555 : Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge by Rob Noble
TL4454 : Far end of Bishops Road by Given Up
TL4554 : A new road crossing the busway by John Sutton
TL4555 : Graffiti on Long Road road bridge by Given Up
TL4555 : Ivy clad trees by Given Up
TL4453 : M11 junction 11 by Robin Webster
TL4453 : Flats on Beech Drive by Given Up
TL4554 : Total Service Station, Trumpington by Keith Edkins
TL4555 : Idyllic marketing by Given Up
TL4555 : Mist no issue by Given Up
TL4555 : The Back of a Guided Bus by Keith Edkins
TL4453 : Another phase of house development by Michael Trolove
TL4554 : Quite a long span by Given Up
TL4453 : Turning onto the A1309 by Given Up
TL4554 : Growing Cambridge by John Sutton
TL4454 : Byron Square by Given Up
TL4554 : Trumpington - busway halt by Given Up
TL4454 : View west along Proctor Drive by Given Up
TL4555 : Everything has been planned by Given Up
TL4555 : Busway, train and cranes by John Sutton
TL4454 : Anstey Hall courtyard by Duncan Grey
TL4453 : Approach to M11 Junction 11 by David Gruar
TL4454 : Bidwell House - Maris Lane by Given Up
TL4555 : Hedge & farmhouse by Given Up
TL4454 : Trumpington: Royal Way by John Sutton
TL4454 : Shell Garage by Given Up
TL4454 : John Lewis Cambridge service building, Trumpington by Stacey Harris
TL4555 : Disused railway bridge by Toby Speight
TL4554 : DNA cyclepath to Shelford by Keith Edkins
TL4555 : Disused railway line viewed from Long Road by Keith Edkins
TL4454 : Anstey Hall by Duncan Grey
TL4555 : Long Road Sixth Form College by David Gruar

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