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SE0004 : St Mary's Church, Park Lane by David Dixon
SE0103 : Tree above Dove Stone Reservoir by David Dixon
SE0303 : At the head of Dove Stone Clough by Neil Theasby
SE0201 : Chew Hurdles to Chew Green by Chris Wimbush
SE0004 : A635 Holmfirth Road near Hollins by Colin Pyle
SE0103 : Dovestone Reservoir by John Topping
SE0004 : Rough farmland below Pots and Pans by Bill Boaden
SE0202 : Stable Stones Brow from the air by Thomas Nugent
SE0005 : Hillside above Uppermill by Bill Boaden
SE0202 : Top of Stable Stones Brow by John Topping
SE0204 : Dovestone Reservoir by John Topping
SE0102 : Chew Piece Plantation and Dovestone Reservoir by Raymond Knapman
SE0102 : Indian's Head above Greenfield by michael ely
SE0003 : Chew Brook, Weir at Greenfield by David Dixon
SE0003 : Clarence Hotel by Paul Anderson
SE0201 : Chew Hurdles by John Topping
SE0202 : Walkers on Chew Road by Neil Theasby
SE0004 : Knowle Top Farm by Dave Dunford
SE0104 : Dovestones Reservoir by David Dixon
SE0201 : At the head of The Chew Valley by Neil Theasby
SE0103 : Dovestone Reservoir by michael ely
SE0102 : Douglas Dakota wreckage of undercarriage by John Fielding
SE0103 : Dovestone Reservoir - bellmouth overflow 1 by Tom Hindley
SE0201 : Chew Syphon pipeline tunnel portal by Dave Dunford
SE0004 : Edge End, Greenfield by Michael Fox
SE0202 : Stable Stones Brow by John Topping
SE0302 : Step this way to Long Ridge Moss by michael ely
SE0104 : Alderman's Brow. by Michael Fox
SE0004 : Stable Stone Brow and the upper Chew Valley from Rye Top Lane, Greenfield by Michael Fox
SE0103 : Cold Morning at Dovestone by John Topping
SE0203 : Cairn on Foxstone at Great Dovestone Rocks by Raymond Knapman
SE0201 : Ormes Moor by Jonathan Clitheroe
SE0203 : De Havilland Mosquito (PF395) Wreckage. by John Fielding
SE0005 : Lower Cross Barn. by Michael Fox
SE0203 : Dean Rocks with a view of Dove Stone Reservoir by Neil Theasby
SE0004 : View from Tunstead Lane by Keith Williamson
SE0302 : Start of the Ashway Stone footpath at Chew Reservoir by John Slater
SE0303 : Featherbed moss by Bob Pilkington
SE0104 : Side Bank House by Peter McDermott
SE0202 : Stable Stone by Michael Fox
SE0104 : Dovestone Reservoir by John Topping
SE0103 : View towards Wimberry Stones by David Dixon
SE0202 : Looking south from Stable Stones Brow by John Topping
SE0003 : Hey Top Cottages by michael ely
SE0202 : Rocks above Charnel Holes by Neil Theasby
SE0104 : Holmfirth Road by Peter McDermott
SE0302 : Chew Reservoir by Chris Wimbush
SE0201 : Chew Brook by Stephen Burton
SE0004 : Converted barn above Greenfield by Bill Boaden
SE0104 : Oldham Way below Edge End by John Slater
SE0103 : Dovestones Reservoir by Martin Clark
SE0102 : Wimberry Stones by Martin Clark
SE0302 : Chew Reservoir by michael ely
SE0102 : The Indian's Head by David Dixon
SE0003 : Clarence Hotel Greenfield by Paul Anderson
SE0005 : War Memorial on Pots & Pans by Nick Watts

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