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SO3602 : Treeline across stubblefield, Rhadyr, near Usk by Ruth Sharville
SO3700 : West side of St Madoc's Church Llanbadoc by Jaggery
SO3700 : Usk Bridge by Colin Smith
SO3902 : Chicken farm by Ruth Sharville
SO3700 : Twyn Square Usk viewed from Priory Street by Jaggery
SO3602 : Road to Llancayo House and Llancayo Court by Jaggery
SO3700 : Indian takeaway and Turkish takeaway in Usk by Jaggery
SO3700 : Woodside Garden Machines, Usk by Jaggery
ST3598 : Maize field by Philip Halling
ST3998 : Llanllowell Church by Philip Halling
SO3700 : Houses in Twyn Square, Usk by Philip Halling
ST3699 : Cae-maen by Jonathan Billinger
SO3701 : Western portal of the former Usk railway tunnel by Jaggery
SO3700 : Usk Museum & Visitor Centre by Jaggery
SO3901 : B4235 bridge over A449 by David Smith
SO3600 : Stile into Coed-duon by Graham Horn
SO3601 : Main entrance to Coleg Gwent Usk Campus, Rhadyr by Jaggery
ST3799 : Lane west from the Usk road near Llanbadoc by Jaggery
ST3999 : A449 northbound near Pentwyn by Colin Pyle
SO3700 : Usk Pharmacy, Usk by Jaggery
ST3899 : Farmland and  buildings in winter by Ruth Sharville
ST3699 : Footpath above Pant-y-cwcw Wood by Claire Seyler
SO3900 : Llangeview church by Philip Halling
ST3898 : Track along the east bank of the River Usk by Christine Johnstone
ST3599 : Track above Lower Prescoed by Philip Halling
SO3902 : Great House Farm, Gwehelog by Jaggery
SO3700 : Burlesque hair salon, Bridge Street, Usk by Jaggery
SO3700 : Jubilee Clock Tower, Twyn Square,  Usk by Jaggery
SO3601 : Slow - bends ahead on the A472 near Rhadyr by Jaggery
ST3799 : 40mph speed limit on the southern approach to Llanbadoc by Jaggery
SO3702 : Beech Hill cliff south of Llancayo by Jaggery
SO3802 : Usk Castle Chase Meadow gate by Jaggery
ST3998 : Leafy carpet on the Usk Valley Walk, Llanllowell by Jaggery
ST3598 : View to the Black Mountains by Philip Halling
SO3900 : Lay-by on northbound A449 near bridge to Llangeview by David Smith
ST3799 : Road scene including Hanley Cwrt, south of Usk by Ruth Sharville
SO3500 : Pasture west of Coed-duon by Graham Horn
SO3700 : Julian Davies ophthalmic opticians, Usk by Jaggery
SO3700 : Blue plaque, medieval houses, Four Ash Street, Usk by Jaggery
SO3600 : House at the junction of the lane to Cefn Ila Farm by Ruth Sharville
SO3700 : Public footpath on a private road, Usk by Jaggery
SO3900 : Llangeview church by Philip Halling
ST3799 : Llanbadoc houses at Prescoed junction by Jaggery
ST3898 : River Usk flood wall, alongside the Llanllowell road by Christine Johnstone
SO3600 : Path into Coed-duon by Graham Horn
ST3698 : Coed y Fferm by Jonathan Billinger
SO3700 : Mediaeval Houses by Gordon Griffiths
ST3698 : Edge of a beech wood by Jonathan Billinger
SO3600 : South of Coed-duon by Graham Horn
ST3899 : Farmland between the River Usk and Nant Olway by Christine Johnstone
SO3700 : View from Usk Castle by Jackie Harman
SO3502 : BAe Systems Glascoed - disused main entrance by Nicholas Mutton
SO3701 : St. Francis Xavier and St. David Lewis Catholic Church, Usk by Jennifer Luther Thomas
SO3700 : Llanbadoc Church by Claire Seyler
SO3700 : St. Mary's priory church, Usk , Monmouthshire by Colin Madge
ST3799 : Hanley Cwrt, near Usk by RAY JONES
SO3801 : Burrium Chase housing development in Usk by Roger Davies
SO3900 : Llangeview Church by Mark Edwards

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