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SW9861 : Small barn next to the car park of the Victoria Inn by Rod Allday
SW9861 : The eponymous pub at Victoria on the A30 by David Long
SW9861 : Roche railway station, Cornwall by Nigel Thompson
SW9861 : A30 north of Victoria by Stuart Logan
SW9861 : Former tile warehouse by David Smith
SW9861 : Victoria Inn alongside the old A30. by Colin Pyle
SW9861 : B3274 on southern edge of Tregoss Moor by David Smith
SW9861 : The railway bridge at Roche by David Smith
SW9861 : Business premises at Victoria by Derek Harper
SW9861 : The B3274 turning to St. Austell on Tregoss Moor by David Long
SW9861 : Cornwall : The A30 by Lewis Clarke
SW9861 : A30 near Roche by John Firth
SW9861 : The Western at Tregoss Moor by roger geach
SW9861 : Traffic lights, Victoria Road, Roche. by Colin Pyle
SW9861 : Roche railway station by Roger Cornfoot

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