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SO9147 : Footpath west by Jonathan Billinger
SO9147 : Oak tree in a wheatfield by Philip Halling
SO9147 : Oak by Chevington Lane by Jonathan Billinger
SO9046 : Bridleway to Croome Perry Wood by Philip Halling
SO9047 : Wadborough by Bob Embleton
SO9047 : Footpath through a wheat field by Philip Halling
SO9147 : Deerfold Wood by Dave Bushell
SO9047 : Cottages near Wadborough by Chris Allen
SO9147 : Footpath east by Jonathan Billinger
SO9046 : Footpath to Croome Perry Wood by Peter Whatley
SO9047 : This is an ex-telephone box: it is no more... by Peter Whatley
SO9147 : Chevington Lane by Philip Halling
SO9047 : Field to the south-east of Wadborough Hill Farm by Philip Halling
SO9046 : An old Morris Minor by Philip Halling
SO9047 : Grazing land near Wadborough by Trevor Rickard
SO9046 : New Farm, Besford by Dave Bushell
SO9147 : Wheatfield near Wadborough by Philip Halling
SO9046 : Half a signpost for a footpath off Rebecca Road by David Smith
SO9046 : Approaching the crossroads by Peter Whatley
SO9047 : Bus Stop in Wadborough by Philip Halling
SO9046 : Rebecca Road and Croome Perry Wood by David Smith
SO9047 : Houses on Station Road, Wadborough by Ian S
SO9046 : Crossroads near Wadborough by nick macneill
SO9046 : Rebecca Road at Ladywood Road by Ian S
SO9147 : Footpath crosses Chevington Lane by Jeff Gogarty
SO9047 : A small conversion, Station Road, Wadborough by Jeff Gogarty
SO9047 : Nissen hut and old railway carriages on the edge of a wood by Jeff Gogarty
SO9047 : House in Wadborough from the field side by Jeff Gogarty
SO9147 : Rape field and woodland by Jeff Gogarty
SO9047 : Perry Wood End near Pirton Siding by Ian S
SO9047 : Sunnyside, No 49 and New Cottage by Jeff Gogarty
SO9047 : Across the fields to the Malverns from Wadborough by Jeff Gogarty
SO9147 : Lone tree in a field by Jeff Gogarty
SO9047 : Crabbe Tree Farm, Besford Road, Wadborough by Jeff Gogarty
SO9147 : Broken down gate to woodland by Jeff Gogarty
SO9047 : Piggery near allotment gardens Besford Road by Jeff Gogarty
SO9147 : Footbridge over a stream near Chevington Rough by Jeff Gogarty

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