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SJ8870 : Snowy winter scene on path N from Marton Lane, Gawsworth by Colin Park
SJ8870 : Gawsworth Village Sign by David Weston
SJ8870 : Harbour Lane at entrance of sewage works by Peter Turner
SJ8870 : Handy sand quarry by Peter Turner
SJ8870 : Lane Ends Farm, Gawsworth by Rog Frost
SJ8870 : Dark Lane at Congleton Road junction by Colin Pyle
SJ8870 : Gawsworth by Peter McDermott
SJ8870 : Direction signs at the Congleton Road junction with Magoty Lane by Graham Hogg
SJ8870 : Gawsworth Road/Dark Lane junction by Peter Turner
SJ8870 : Fingerpost at Nancy's Wood by Alan Murray-Rust
SJ8870 : Ancient Cross, Gawsworth by David Weston
SJ8870 : Maggoty Johnson's grave by Peter Turner
SJ8870 : Gawsworth Village Hall by David Weston
SJ8870 : Warren by Peter McDermott
SJ8870 : Maggoty Wood Gawsworth by Peter Turner
SJ8870 : Maggotty Johnson grave, Gawsworth by Colin Park
SJ8870 : Wardle Crescent, Gawsworth by Alan Murray-Rust
SJ8870 : Nancy's Wood, Gawsworth by Alan Murray-Rust

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