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NZ3158 : Usworth Hall by Steve McShane
NZ3155 : Roundabout on Pattinson Road at the end of Staithes Road by Alexander P Kapp
NZ3057 : Closed Road, Urban Gardens, Washington by Alex McGregor
NZ3355 : A bunker on the Wearside Golf Club course by Oliver Dixon
NZ3157 : Peel Centre, Washington by Alexander P Kapp
NZ2958 : Access road by Alex McGregor
NZ2955 : Helvellyn Avenue, Lambton by Alex McGregor
NZ3356 : Path passing Washington Wetland Park by Richard Webb
NZ3258 : Off Washington Road A1290 by Steve McShane
NZ2955 : Christmas Day, 2007 at Berwick, Oxclose, Washington by Oliver Dixon
NZ3056 : Washington Village by David Dixon
NZ3157 : Concord / Washington Fire Station by Steve McShane
NZ2956 : The Galleries Tower by hannah barrett
NZ3356 : Autumn colours on Wearside by Malc McDonald
NZ3255 : Piling work by gordon james brown
NZ3259 : Tractor movement lines through rape field by Trevor Littlewood
NZ3058 : Hampshire Place, Concord by Alex McGregor
NZ2955 : Path at the back of Berwick, Oxclose by Guy Barrett
NZ3156 : Washington Old Hall, Dining Room by David Dixon
NZ3056 : Galleries shopping centre, Washington by Malc McDonald
NZ3356 : Whooper Swan at Washington Wildlife Centre by Stanley Howe
NZ3259 : Entrance to 'Triple A' dog kennels by Brian Abbott
NZ2956 : New Bus Station by Dianne Snowdon
NZ3255 : Industrial estate, Washington by Richard Webb
NZ2958 : Highbury Avenue, Springwell by Alex McGregor
NZ3155 : C2C cycle route near Washington by Malc McDonald
NZ3158 : New Works by Steve McShane
NZ3359 : Follingsby Lane by Alexander P Kapp
NZ3155 : Marshall's the bakers - Columbia by hannah barrett
NZ3355 : Saline Lagoon, Washington Wetlands Centre by Oliver Dixon
NZ3157 : Washington old fire station by Kevin Hale
NZ3258 : Junction of Cherry Blossom Way and A1290 by Alexander P Kapp
NZ2957 : Pit top pulley wheel by Alex McGregor
NZ3156 : The Old Smithy by gordon james brown
NZ3255 : Penshaw Monument by gordon james brown
NZ3057 : Washington F Pit by Chris Allen
NZ3258 : A1290 road outside Sulgrave by Steve McShane
NZ2957 : Subway under the A1290 by Alex McGregor
NZ3255 : Staithes House on Staithes Road by Alexander P Kapp
NZ3257 : Footpath east of Clay's Garden Centre by Alexander P Kapp
NZ3356 : Giant mushrooms at Washington Wetland Centre by Oliver Dixon
NZ3057 : Washington School, Spout Lane by Dianne Snowdon
NZ2958 : Kellett Close, Donwell by Alex McGregor
NZ3058 : Rutland Place, Concord by Alex McGregor
NZ3255 : River Wear looking East from Cox Green by gordon james brown
NZ3257 : Train line through Usworth by Steve McShane
NZ3055 : Glastonbury, Washington by Malc McDonald
NZ3056 : Un-named road in Washington by Malc McDonald
NZ3257 : You can park on the road but not the pavement on Cherry Blossom Way by Alexander P Kapp
NZ3255 : River Wear downstream by Trevor Littlewood
NZ3255 : Alice's Well at Cox Green by Brian Abbott
NZ3057 : Washington School by Steve McShane
NZ3056 : Our Lady's Church - Washington Village by hannah barrett
NZ3055 : A View over Princess Anne Park by hannah barrett
NZ3156 : Washington Old Hall by Chris McLean
NZ3056 : The Galleries shopping centre by Brian Abbott
NZ3257 : Usworth Railway Station by Steve McShane

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