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TA3230 : Holderness coast between Waxholme and Sand le Mere, Tedder Hill and other windfarms: aerial 2015 by Chris
TA3230 : Bird holes in the boulder clay cliff near Waxholme by Chris
TA3230 : Beach near Sand le Mere by JThomas
TA3230 : Rapidly eroding soft cliffs near  Sand le Mere by JThomas
TA3230 : A farm track North of Waxholme by Ian S
TA3230 : Sand-le-Mere: pillbox and eroding boulder clay cliffs by Chris
TA3230 : Looking towards Red House Farm by Ian S
TA3230 : Semi-Submerged Pillbox by Andy Beecroft
TA3230 : Cliff top near Redhouse Farm, Waxholme by Paul Glazzard
TA3230 : Farmers cliff top track to Waxholme by peter robinson
TA3230 : Flying fish? Dogfish on the Waxholme clifftop by Chris
TA3230 : Pillbox on the beach at Sand-le-Mere by Chris
TA3230 : Drapes on the cliffs near Waxholme by Chris
TA3230 : The beach near Tunstall by Helen Wilkinson
TA3230 : Southeast of Sand le Mere by Paul Glazzard
TA3230 : Clifftop roadway by Jonathan Thacker
TA3230 : The cliff top at Waxholme by Jonathan Thacker
TA3230 : Clifftop roadway and Redhouse Farm by Jonathan Thacker

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