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SX2894 : Open barn at junction for West Curry by David Smith
SX2795 : Milestone - Launceston 8 by Adrian Dust
SX2695 : Near Brendonmoor Plantation by Derek Harper
SX2794 : Lane to Week St Mary by Derek Harper
SX2795 : Milestone north of Dolsdon by David Smith
SX2893 : Lay-by near Curry Lane by David Smith
SX2795 : Field at Dolsdon by Rod Allday
SX2895 : Rough pasture, Dolsdon Farm by Roger Cornfoot
SX2795 : Dolsdon by Derek Harper
SX2894 : Lane to West Curry by Derek Harper
SX2795 : Farm buildings at Dolsdon by David Smith
SX2893 : Field beside B3254 by Derek Harper
SX2795 : The B3254 Launceston to Kilkhampton road by Rod Allday
SX2894 : Old Milestone by Ian Thompson
SX2894 : B3254 northbound by Alex McGregor

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