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SD6707 : Farm building on Lock Lane by JThomas
SD6505 : The Red Lion, Wigan Road, Westhoughton by Alexander P Kapp
SD6605 : Waters Nook Road, Westhoughton by Alexander P Kapp
SD6606 : Rivet at base of wall by Ian Charters
SD6607 : M61 where it crosses Chew Moor Lane by Anthony Parkes
SD6504 : Just the thing for a trip to the shops by Ian S
SD6307 : The start of a cycle lane in Dicconson Lane by Ian Greig
SD6404 : Eatock lodge nature walk by Terry  Charters
SD6405 : Firwood Building Supplies, Dobb Brow by Margaret Clough
SD6504 : The Daisy Hill and Bargain Booze by Philip Platt
SD6507 : The Windmill by Lee Walsh
SD6707 : Lock Lane by JThomas
SD6504 : Daisy Hill railway station, Greater Manchester by Nigel Thompson
SD6405 : The Bridge Inn on Wigan Road, Westhoughton by ray blow
SD6506 : Westhoughton Station by David Dixon
SD6607 : M61 northbound near Morris Farm by Colin Pyle
SD6706 : Path at Snydale by Bill Boaden
SD6607 : The Duke of Wellington, Chew Moor by Ian Greig
SD6505 : The only thing missing were the armed guards by Alexander P Kapp
SD6706 : The A6 roundabout at Chequerbent by Ian Greig
SD6505 : The War Memorial, Westhoughton by David Long
SD6504 : The Daisy Hill public house, Daisy Hill by Ian S
SD6407 : Field entrance off Chorley Road (A6) by JThomas
SD6404 : Bank's Farm by David Dixon
SD6507 : Traffic lights at Wingates by Bill Boaden
SD6605 : New houses on Waters Nook Road, Westhoughton by Alexander P Kapp
SD6507 : Chorley Road, Wingates by Peter Bond
SD6505 : Lychgate, St Bartholomew Parish Church of Westhoughton by Alexander P Kapp
SD6307 : Site of railway overbridge on Dodd Lane by Raymond Knapman
SD6506 : Northern Rail Class 150, 150220, Westhoughton railway station by El Pollock
SD6507 : Italian restaurant, Wingates by JThomas
SD6504 : Swan Lake, Daisy Hill by Margaret Clough
SD6404 : Eatock Lodge by ray blow
SD6706 : A58, Snydale Way by Peter Bond
SD6707 : Rumworth Lodge Reservoir by Roger May
SD6506 : Westhoughton Cemetery by Philip Platt
SD6605 : Park Road, Westhoughton by Bill Boaden
SD6404 : Cunningham Brook, Daisy Hill by Margaret Clough
SD6606 : The White Horse Tavern, Westhoughton by JThomas
SD6506 : No 'No Cycling' by Ian Paterson
SD6407 : Fourgates Primary School on the A6 by Ian S
SD6607 : Sheep near Chew Moor by Bill Boaden
SD6505 : St. Bartholomew, Westhoughton by Margaret Clough
SD6506 : Welcome to Westhoughton, Westhoughton railway station by El Pollock
SD6404 : Footpath Through Cunningham Clough by David Dixon
SD6605 : Waters Nook Road by Bill Boaden
SD6307 : Farmland off Dicconson Lane by JThomas
SD6605 : Pond above Hall Lee Bank park, Westhoughton by Jim Barton
SD6504 : The Grey Man by Philip Platt
SD6707 : Business Premises at Hunger Hill by Anthony Parkes
SD6505 : Westhoughton Town Hall by JOHN HALL
SD6706 : Water Tower, Snydle by Margaret Clough
SD6505 : St. Bartholomews church school, Westhoughton by Margaret Clough
SD6605 : Hall Lee Bank Park, Westhoughton by Margaret Clough
SD6407 : Fields by the A6 with a view of the Reebok Stadium and Rivington Pike by Ian Greig
SD6605 : Hooper Green farm, Westhoughton by Margaret Clough

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