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SD5705 : Wigan Pier and Trencherfield Mill by Gary Rogers
SD5705 : Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Wigan by Mat Fascione
SD5907 : Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Haigh Country Park by David Dixon
SD5907 : Allotments at New Springs, Wigan by Gary Rogers
SD6006 : Lock repair work on Leeds Liverpool Canal near Top Lock, Wigan by Gary Rogers
SD5705 : Leeds and Liverpool Canal Bridge #51, Pottery Road Bridge at Wigan Pier by David Dixon
SD6007 : Crown Hotel by David Dixon
SD5706 : Mesnes Park Bandstand by David Dixon
SD6006 : Industrial bakery on Ash Lane, New Springs by David Long
SD5906 : Footpath to Camberwell Crescent, Whelley by Gary Rogers
SD5705 : Gate House Entrance to Wigan Hall by John Topping
SD6006 : Down the Wigan Flight-05 by David Long
SD5807 : Manor house off Hall Lane by Raymond Knapman
SD5606 : The Leeds Liverpool canal at Beech Hill lock by Ian Greig
SD5807 : Haigh Foundry gateposts by Raymond Knapman
SD5805 : Elements in Wigan by Jaggery
SD6006 : Liverpool Short Boat, LUNE by David Long
SD6006 : Refreshment at last! by David Long
SD6005 : The Oak Tree, Belle Green Lane by David Long
SD5805 : Watch this space-25 by David Long
SD5707 : Gidlow Lane by Ian Greig
SD5705 : Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Wigan Pier by David Dixon
SD5806 : Wigan Baptist Church-main entrances by David Long
SD5705 : Viaduct by Galatas
SD5905 : Down the Wigan Flight-31 by David Long
SD6006 : The Commercial Inn at Cale Lane Bridge from Lock 67 by Gary Rogers
SD5805 : Barracks Yard, Wigan by Christine Johnstone
SD5805 : Virgin Class 221, 221114, Wigan North Western railway station by El Pollock
SD5705 : Best buds by Gary Rogers
SD5706 : Mesnes Park, Wigan by David Dixon
SD5606 : Ell Meadow Lock No 89 on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal by Mat Fascione
SD5805 : The History Shop - formerly Wigan Library by Dave Green
SD5806 : Former Presbyterian Church, Wigan by David Long
SD6006 : Wigan Top Lock by David Dixon
SD5907 : Aspull Sough Minewater Treatment Plant by Gary Rogers
SD5606 : New Housing  development by Galatas
SD5906 : Whelley Loop Line by David Ashcroft
SD5705 : River Douglas passing under railway by Galatas
SD5805 : Spring Street, Scholes by David Long
SD5607 : Entrance to Bridleway for Standish Lower Ground by Raymond Knapman
SD6007 : Colliers Arms by David Dixon
SD5907 : Bridge over entrance to canal basin by Raymond Knapman
SD5805 : Sign for Scholes by Ian S
SD5805 : Market Place, Wigan by Stephen McKay
SD5705 : Governor at Work by Ashley Dace
SD5805 : Wigan (North Western) 1954, with Down freight - and an 'interloper' by Ben Brooksbank
SD6007 : Lone Angler by David Dixon
SD5605 : Site of old Fire Station, Wigan by Gary Rogers
SD6005 : Manchester Road (A577), Higher Ince by JThomas
SD5805 : Civic Centre, Wigan by Dave Green
SD5705 : Wigan Pier by Martin Clark
SD5706 : Mesnes Park, Wigan by David Hignett
SD5705 : Uncle Joe's Mint Balls Factory by Sue Adair
SD5705 : Steam engine, Trencherfield Mill by Chris Allen
SD5805 : Grand Arcade, Wigan by Gary Rogers
SD5805 : The Galleries, Wigan by Dave Green
SD5806 : Whatever Happened to Central Park? by David Hignett
SD5705 : Dry Dock by Keith Williamson

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