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SM9223 : Track to Plumstone Rock by Simon Mortimer
SM9322 : Leweston House by Simon Mortimer
SM9323 : Lane to West Hill by Deborah Tilley
SM9223 : Daffodil extravaganza by Deborah Tilley
SM9322 : View near Leweston by ceridwen
SM9223 : Cattle country by Gordon Hatton
SM9322 : House on Wolfsdale Hill by Deborah Tilley
SM9223 : Track to Rath Farm, Camrose by Dylan Moore
SM9322 : Wolfsdale Hill Farm by ceridwen
SM9223 : Entrance to Cox Heath or Cocks Heath as written on maps by Deborah Tilley
SM9322 : Leweston bridge and Claybogs Lane by ceridwen
SM9223 : Abandoned quarry at Lady's Cross, Camrose by Dylan Moore
SM9223 : Road junction near Slade Farm by Martyn Harries
SM9323 : Pasture: West Hill, Treffgarne by Dylan Moore
SM9323 : Sheep grazing on the slopes of Great Treffgarne Mountain by Simon Mortimer

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