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SW8052 : Valley-bottom Meadow by Tony Atkin
SW8152 : Old Milestone by Ian Thompson
SW8153 : Sixty Acres Farm by Philip Halling
SW8152 : The B3285 approaching the A30 by Philip Halling
SW8151 : On the A30 by Robert Ashby
SW8153 : Wide grass verge at the junction of Henver Lane and B3285 by David Smith
SW8052 : Track through woodland by Rod Allday
SW8151 : Country road near Trerice by Philip Halling
SW8152 : The New Road up Zellah Hill by Tony Atkin
SW8151 : Celtic cross by Philip Halling
SW8152 : Zelah Hill layby Cornwall by Steve  Fareham
SW8153 : Field and modern barns at Sixty Acres Farm by Rod Allday
SW8151 : Zelah by Tony Atkin
SW8151 : Near Zelah by Robert Ashby
SW8152 : Lorries Turning by Tony Atkin
SW8052 : Woodland near Cost-is-lost. by Tony Atkin
SW8151 : Cottages at Zelah by Sheila Russell
SW8153 : Dover Row by Philip Halling
SW8153 : Cottages at Dover Row by Rod Allday
SW8152 : The Old Road up Zelah Hill by Tony Atkin
SW8152 : Polstain Farm by Rod Allday
SW8151 : Roadside Celtic cross by Philip Halling
SW8151 : The Hawkins Arms at Zelah by Rod Allday
SW8153 : Across Fields to Sixty Acre Farm by Tony Atkin
SW8151 : Carrick : The A30 by Lewis Clarke
SW8152 : A windbreak of palm trees - it must be Cornwall by David Smith

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