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Reverse linking, 'used on'

proposed by Bob Harvey

The chap behind a web site called 'Always read the Plaque' is working on a method of extracting images from our collection to use in theirs. He is doing a good job of the attributions too. See: LinkExternal link for an example. Around 1.4 million of our images are in wikicommons, some of them appearing in Wikipedia. Other sites use our images just as politely.

Wikicommons has, bottom left, a 'used on' tool which lists where things are used. The chap at ReadThePlaque was keen for our page to reverse link to his. This seems very much in Tim Berners-lee's vision of a web. It seems fair enough

Could our api include a method of collecting reverse links when people use our image? Could tbe stamping page solicit urls for reverse linking? Mayhap with a simple moderation step to avoid spam? Either by the mods or by an email with yes/no buttons to the contributor?

I envisage a hidden email address collected with each reverse link, for problem resolution, but am concious of data protection implications beyond my ken. Perhaps a registration step would be required before reverse links could be added?

Created: Fri, 25 Mar 2016, Updated: Fri, 25 Mar 2016

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