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Create A User Record Of Submitted Photo File Names

proposed by Thomas Nugent

During the submission process, offer to maintain a log on the user's device or on the geograph website (link from profile page) to tie the geograph number of the submitted photo to the name of the uploaded photo file on the device. Log to be appended every time a new photo is submitted. The photo name to include the directory path to the file on the device. e.g. geograph photo ID 123456 = C:\geograph_photos\2010\anytown\DSCABC321.JPG.

First suggested by me many years ago - even more relevant now that many users have tens of thousands of photos each. This will be very useful when looking for a photo file in response to a request for a high resolution photo from a user. It would also be very useful for a family member to pick up the reins in future.

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Created: Wed, 9 Mar 2016, Updated: Wed, 9 Mar 2016

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