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TM0558 : Stowmarket Station by roger geach
SJ7453 : Partly flooded field alongside railway line by Jonathan Hutchins
J0633 : First Drumbanagher and Jerrettspass Presbyterian Church by P Flannagan
SZ0383 : Second World War Dorset - a perambulation of Studland (10) by Mike Searle
ST2611 : Cinder Hill Copse by Roger Cornfoot
NT5585 : Celtic Cross North Berwick by colin adamson
HU4446 : Croft house of Mouswall by Robert Sandison
HU5341 : Cliffs above Papil Geo, Isle of Noss by Peter Wyatt
TV5598 : The Tapsel Gate, Friston Church, East Sussex by Kevin Gordon
SE3406 : The Metropolitan Centre by Bobby Clegg
TM2332 : Harwich International railway station, platforms from footbridge by Oxyman
NY9923 : The River Tees At Eggleston Bridge by James T M Towill
NJ9511 : Sand dunes north of Aberdeen by Andrew McCallum
TM3035 : Felixstowe Railway Station by Oxymoron
SS5923 : A Volvo articulated lorry negotiates a tight bend at Atherington by Roger A Smith
TM1831 : Wrabness Station by David Kemp
SV8816 : Piper's Hole - the inside by Simon Leatherdale
NC1602 : Minor road in Strath Canaird by Peter Moore
SO2191 : Vintage ploughing by Penny Mayes
TG0939 : Holt Minor Station by Glen Denny
TQ7567 : Rear of the Theatre Royal, Chatham by Chris Whippet
SK6694 : Flood Bank and Public House at Newington by Jonathan Clitheroe
TQ3079 : London Underground at Westminster by Andrew Tryon
NT2672 : Queens Drive, Holyrood Park by Mick Garratt
SP3555 : AEC Mammoth Major in Jet livery by Michael Trolove
TQ6575 : The Water Gate at Tilbury Fort by Robert Edwards
TQ6474 : Two ferries pass - between Tilbury and Gravesend - The 'Duchess' Gravesend Ferry and the 'Undine' - Ro-Ro Cargo Ferry by Brian Chadwick
SK9574 : Main Street by Richard Croft
SO9199 : Wolverhampton Canal Basin by Gordon Griffiths
TL1899 : The Brewery Tap, Peterborough by Paul Bryan

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