Manhole covers, foundry products etc, Northern Ireland :: Shared Description

A series of photographs showing manhole covers, fire hydrants, gratings, foundry products, foundry plaques and inscriptions etc, in Northern Ireland.
by Albert Bridge

858 images use this description. Preview sample shown below:

J2053 : Old lamppost, Dromore (2) by Albert Bridge
J1486 : Access cover, Antrim by Rossographer
J6268 : Old water pump, Ballywalter Park by Rossographer
J3271 : Rodding access cover, Belfast by Rossographer
J3774 : Browns drain cover, Belfast by Albert Bridge
J3271 : Drain cover, Belfast by Rossographer
J5880 : "FS" manhole cover, Donaghadee (November 2014) by Albert Bridge
J0154 : Thomas Hyde access cover, Portadown (2) by Albert Bridge
C8532 : "Crawford" access cover, Coleraine (2) by Albert Bridge
J3474 : Belfast Water Works access cover by Albert Bridge
J1576 : Railway viaduct, Crumlin (3) by Albert Bridge
J3676 : Manhole cover, Belfast by Rossographer
J3271 : Gates, Belfast by Rossographer
J4982 : Manhole cover, Bangor by Rossographer
J5975 : Union Foundry grating cover, Millisle by Albert Bridge
J2968 : Ulster Foundries manhole cover, Dunmurry (2) by Albert Bridge
J5081 : Manhole cover, Bangor by Rossographer
J2664 : Manhole cover, Lisburn by Albert Bridge
J3473 : Meierguss manhole cover, Belfast by Albert Bridge
J4774 : Fire hydrant covers, Newtownards by Albert Bridge
J3775 : Naylors' access cover, Belfast by Albert Bridge
J3470 : The Stranmillis weir, Belfast (2013-2) by Albert Bridge
J5081 : Drain cover, bangor by Rossographer
J3372 : Dated drainpipe, Belfast by Albert Bridge
J3169 : Manhole cover, Belfast by Rossographer

... and 833 more images.
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