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The council housing programme of the 1950s was driven by slum clearance of the areas close to the town centre.

Despite some misgivings with regard to the social effects Wolverhampton Council adopted the policy of building flats. The first blocks of flats were built on the Newbolds Estate in 1950 followed by more blocks at Merridale in 1954. The largest collection occurs on the Long Knowle Estate built in 1955-6. The Graiseley Estate (Dale Street)saw the first deck access flats built in the borough with two eight storey blocks, since demolished.

The early 1950s saw a change in housing policy with overspill estates developed by Wolverhampton Council outside the borough boundaries in Wednesfield UDC (Long Knowle and Ashmore Park) and Seisdon RDC (Wombourne).

Further developments continued within the borough boundaries at Deans Road (next to Old Heath Estate), Underhill (next to The Scotlands Estate)and Warstones.
by John M
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SJ9502 : Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Park by Richard Webb
SJ9300 : Council Housing - Queens Court by John M
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SJ9501 : Baylis Avenue, Ashmore Park by Richard Webb
SJ9500 : Council Housing - Castlebridge Estate by John M
SO9398 : Council Housing - Hurstbourne Crescent by John M
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SJ9300 : Council Housing - Queens Court by John M
SJ9500 : Lawrence Avenue, Wednesfield by Richard Law
SJ9302 : Council Housing - Westcroft Avenue by John M
SJ9302 : Post war council housing on Underhill Estate by John M
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SJ9302 : Council Housing - Underhill Lane by John M
SJ9301 : Council Housing - Bradburn Road by John M
SJ9502 : Kitchen Lane, Ashmore Park by Richard Webb
SJ9003 : Council Housing - Patshull Avenue by John M
SJ9300 : Queen's Court by John M
SJ9500 : Council Housing - Lichfield Road by John M
SJ9400 : Council Housing - Pickering Road by John M
SJ9401 : Council Housing - Long Knowle Estate by John M
SJ9401 : Council Housing - Bealey's Avenue by John M
SJ8901 : Council Housing - Aldersley Road by John M
SO8896 : Council Housing - Warstones Drive by John M
SJ9501 : Council Housing - Griffiths Drive by John M
SJ9401 : Council Housing - Guest Avenue - Rear of block by John M

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