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The A30 is 284 miles long, from central London to Land's End, historically known as the Great South West Road. The M3 and A303 now are the preferred route for most travellers. Only part of the road is still a trunk road.
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by N Chadwick
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SY0293 : Overbridge, A30 by N Chadwick
SY0595 : A30, westbound by N Chadwick
SW5737 : A30 by N Chadwick
SY1499 : A30 one third of a mile from A375 Honiton exit by Julian P Guffogg
SX9893 : A30 - Sowton Road Bridge by N Chadwick
SX6594 : A30 westbound by Julian P Guffogg
SW4831 : Roundabout, A30 (Start of the Penzance bypass) by N Chadwick
SX7893 : A30 junction for Cheriton Bishop by Julian P Guffogg
TQ0975 : Great South West Rd, A30 by N Chadwick
ST2106 : The A30 by N Chadwick
ST1500 : A30, Honiton bypass by N Chadwick
ST1601 : Honiton Bypass, A30 by N Chadwick
SY1499 : A30 west of Turks Head junction by N Chadwick
SY0393 : A30 eastbound towards Marsh Green by Julian P Guffogg
SY1299 : A30 approaching Ironbridge Junction by N Chadwick
SY1499 : A30, westbound by N Chadwick
SY0093 : A30 approaching Exeter Airport by N Chadwick
SX6295 : A30 westbound, Services one third of a mile by Julian P Guffogg
SX9288 : A379 Bridge, A30 by N Chadwick
SX9793 : Approaching junction 29, A30 by N Chadwick
ST5715 : The north slope of Babylon Hill, on the A30 by David Smith
ST2107 : A30, eastbound by N Chadwick
SY1198 : A30 in the Otter Valley by N Chadwick
SY0796 : A30 west of Fairmile by N Chadwick
ST1803 : A30, Monkton by N Chadwick

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