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The Pleasley Colliery site is the centre of a major leisure development including landscaping of the former pit spoil heap as an important nature and walking area, and creation of a network of trails largely using former railway alignments. The railways involved were the competing local branches of the Midland and Great Northern Railways. They appear to be typical of the lines which disappeared under the Beeching reforms, but in fact had a very different history. Both lines lost their passenger services early - in 1930 and 1931 respectively, but then remained open to a greater or lesser extent until the end of coal production in the region in the 1980s. The southerly of the two lines (GNR) now supports the Skegby Trail between Pleasley, Skegby and Sutton-in-Ashfield. The northerly (MR) splits to form the relatively short Rowthorne Trail and the longer Teversal Trail which itself links to further old railway trails towards Alfreton and Chesterfield. Interesting, neither the Skegby nor Teversal Trails have formal right-of way status, although the Rowthorne Trail does. The former are mainly in Nottinghamshire, while the latter is in Derbyshire.
by Alan Murray-Rust
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SK4963 : Former Railway Bridges by Ashley Dace
SK4963 : Former Railway Bridge by Ashley Dace
SK4963 : Steps to the trail by Alan Murray-Rust
SK4964 : Trail junction by Alan Murray-Rust
SK4964 : Former railway cutting by Alan Murray-Rust
SK4963 : Lower Magnesian Limestone by Ashley Dace
SK4963 : Plenty of information by Alan Murray-Rust
SK4863 : Rowthorne Trail by Ashley Dace
SK4863 : Rowthorne Trail by Ashley Dace
SK4963 : Over the bridge by Alan Murray-Rust
SK4963 : View of the Valley by Ashley Dace
SK4963 : Boundary post by Alan Murray-Rust
SK4763 : Rowthorne Trail by Ashley Dace
SK4963 : Former Railway Junction by Ashley Dace
SK4964 : Pleasley Colliery Country Park by Ashley Dace
SK4863 : Rowthorne Trail by Ashley Dace
SK4961 : Old railway junction on the Skegby Trail by Trevor Rickard
SK4963 : Site of bridge by Alan Murray-Rust
SK4963 : Walkers Welcome by Alan Murray-Rust
SK4764 : Rowthorne Trail by Ashley Dace
SK4863 : Rowthorne Trail by Ashley Dace
SK4863 : Rowthorne Trail by Ashley Dace
SK4963 : Rowthorne Trail by Alan Murray-Rust
SK4964 : Teversal Trail by Alan Murray-Rust
SK4963 : Skegby Track by Alan Murray-Rust

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