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Built by John Laing & Sons in 1942/43 to the standard Class A requirement for heavy bombers, Seething airfield was initially known as RAF 258 Seething. After the arrival of the United States Army Air Forces Eighth Air Force 448th Bombardment Group (Heavy) it became USAAF Station 146.

After the last Americans had left in June/July 1945, the airfield was used for storing bombs and munitions. In 1947, part of the buildings on the Hospital site were converted into temporary dwellings and most of the land was returned to agriculture. The eastern section, including part of the main runway, is currently Seething Airfield, home to the Waveney Flying Group. The former Control tower has since been restored and now houses a memorial museum. The Seething Control Tower Museum is open on the first Sunday of the month from May to October. LinkExternal link.

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by Evelyn Simak
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TM3295 : Fire engine at Seething Airfield by Evelyn Simak
TM3294 : Entrance of an air raid shelter by Evelyn Simak
TM3195 : Farm built on the Seething airfield runway by Ashley Dace
TM3195 : Hidden underneath ivy by Evelyn Simak
TM3294 : Entrance to an air raid shelter by Evelyn Simak
TM3196 : Reinforced concrete at former aircraft storage area by Evelyn Simak
TM3294 : View from one derelict building to another by Evelyn Simak
TM3294 : Running paint and cracking plaster by Evelyn Simak
TM3196 : Private road to Agritek Fertiliser plant by Evelyn Simak
TM3195 : The control tower (now museum) at Seething Airfield by Evelyn Simak
TM3195 : Bücker Bü 131 "Jungmann" by Evelyn Simak
TM3294 : Gated entrance to derelict buildings by Evelyn Simak
TM3294 : Overgrown building in the wood by Evelyn Simak
TM3195 : Seething Control Tower Museum by Evelyn Simak
TM3295 : Taylorcraft Auster AOP.V by Evelyn Simak
TM3294 : A Stanton air raid shelter by Evelyn Simak
TM3195 : Old pyrotechnic store by Seething Airfield by Evelyn Simak
TM3295 : Ice cream van at Seething Airfield by Evelyn Simak
TM3294 : Nettles growing on windowsill of derelict building by Evelyn Simak
TM3195 : Brick-built blast shelter by Evelyn Simak
TM3195 : View across the old Technical site by Evelyn Simak
TM3195 : Curtiss P-40M Kittyhawk fighter aircraft by Evelyn Simak
TM3095 : A small heap of old bricks by Evelyn Simak
TM3294 : Derelict Building at Seething Airfield Administration site by Ashley Dace
TM3195 : Brick-built blast shelter by Evelyn Simak

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