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Funding for the 'Guided Busway' was first applied for in July 2002. Cambridgeshire was awarded £92.5 million. By 2009 the estimated cost was put at £116.27million, in 2010 this estimate had risen to £161.0 million. By the end of 2010 the overall cost of this much delayed project was put at £180+ million.
Early photos taken during the construction phase were first taken in December 2007, it opened on 7 August 2011. See LinkExternal link for the official take on the route and services.
by Scriniary
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TL4555 : Mist no issue by Scriniary
TL4556 : How to make a Guided Busway by Scriniary
TL4555 : Long Road railway bridge & new friend by Scriniary
TL4555 : Passing under Long Road by Scriniary
TL4555 : Busway to Trumpington P&R by Scriniary
TL4067 : Cambridgeshire Busway by Alan Murray-Rust
TL4454 : Preparing the guided busway by Scriniary
TL4554 : Busway route map by Scriniary
TL4554 : Car trap on the busway by Scriniary
TL4165 : The weeds they do grow high by Keith Edkins
TL4555 : Red is for danger by Scriniary
TL4555 : Colour by the guided busway by Scriniary
TL4554 : Trumpington Busway Stop by Scriniary
TL4454 : Cambridge Guided Busway by Scriniary
TL4555 : Heading towards Long Road bridge by Scriniary
TL4555 : Guided bus rails & ditch by Scriniary
TL4555 : Heavy Lifting by Scriniary
TL4166 : Guided Busway construction site seen from Beck Brook by Keith Edkins
TL4454 : Old railway line at Shelford Road, looking east by Keith Edkins
TL4454 : Plenty of trees - no buses by Scriniary
TL4555 : Long Road bridge by Scriniary
TL4554 : No buildings in the advert! by Scriniary
TL4555 : Close up of a busway by Scriniary
TL4555 : Guided Bus Rails - ready to lay down by Scriniary
TL4555 : Cycle path by Guided Busway by Scriniary

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