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A windbreak or shelterbelt is a plantation usually made up of one or more rows of trees or shrubs planted in such a manner as to provide shelter from the wind and to protect soil from erosion. They are commonly planted around the edges of fields on farms. Windbreaks are also planted to help keep snow from drifting onto roadways. Other benefits include providing habitat for wildlife and in some regions the trees are harvested for wood products.
A further use for a shelterbelt is to screen a farm from a main road or motorway. This improves the farm landscape by reducing the visual incursion of the motorway, mitigating noise from the traffic and providing a safe barrier between farm animals and the road
by N Chadwick
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TQ6446 : Shelterbelt, Moat Farm by N Chadwick
TR0956 : Shelterbelt and orchard by N Chadwick
TQ6743 : Shelterbelt in an orchard by N Chadwick
TQ5954 : Orchard and shelterbelt by N Chadwick
TQ8563 : Shelterbelt beyond a fruit orchard by N Chadwick
TQ8664 : Shelterbelt in oilseed rape by N Chadwick
TR1554 : Shelterbelt in an orchard by N Chadwick
TQ5955 : Shelterbelt, Warren Farm by N Chadwick
TR2960 : Shelterbelt in orchard by N Chadwick
TR2663 : Shelterbelt by the footpath along the Little Stour by N Chadwick
TQ9345 : Orchard blossom and shelterbelt by N Chadwick
TQ6742 : Shelterbelt of trees by N Chadwick
TR2563 : A shelterbelt by the Little Stour by N Chadwick
TQ6742 : Shelterbelt of trees by N Chadwick
TQ6283 : A shelterbelt by N Chadwick
TQ5170 : Shelterbelt along the byway by N Chadwick
TR1755 : Shelterbelt along Hode Lane by N Chadwick
TQ7343 : Orchard and shelterbelt off Goudhurst Rd by N Chadwick
TQ9345 : Shelterbelt by the Greensand Way by N Chadwick
TQ6055 : Shelterbelt by Crowhurst Lane by N Chadwick
TR1555 : Shelterbelt and orchard by N Chadwick
TQ7252 : Shelterbelt and orchard by N Chadwick
TQ5754 : Shelterbelt by N Chadwick
TR1555 : Footpath to Nackington Rd by N Chadwick
TR0754 : Shelterbelt off Lower Lees Rd by N Chadwick

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